the start of the league is suspended due to the strike of the referees

This weekend was chosen for the start of the women’s soccer league, the Spanish first division. With a greater following than other years, driven by the growth it has had in recent months (and for which this summer’s European Championship has helped), this Saturday was the day the ball had to be put into play. But it has not been placed nor will it be placed throughout the weekend.

There is no football on this first day of the women’s league, renamed Liga F. The referees in charge of directing these matches have gone on strike and have not shown up for the matches. Yes, the teams have done it, they have gone to the stadiums where the matches were to be played (many of them making long trips). But not the collegiate, on indefinite strike.

The problem, and at the same time disaster, of all this is that this strike is explained by the conflict between the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) and the Professional Women’s Football League (LPFF), which continues over time, that they already had their first confrontation with the calendar and now it happens with the referees. The reason for the strike is that the women’s soccer collegiate demands to improve their working conditions.

Within this ‘war’ between the two organizations, the LPFF urged the clubs to go to the playing fields despite learning late this Friday that the referees were not going to travel to the venues of the matches. They knew that the matches were not going to be played, but they traveled and appeared at the matches so that the conflict could be seen more clearly and thus blame the referees dependent on the RFEF.

“The referees and assistant referees of the Women’s First Division wish to communicate our unanimous decision not to direct any match of the First Division National Championship in the current conditions of uncertainty of our employment and economic situation,” highlights the statement published by the Technical Committee of Referees. «In the context of a new professional competition, we consider that women’s arbitration must have minimum conditions for the exercise of our activity within the professional competition. It is not conceivable that the arbitration establishment is the only one that is left out of a growth that we consider as fair as it is necessary, ”they added.

The room where the draw for the women's first division calendar was held

Of course, the figure of Javier Tebas appeared in the conflict: LaLiga has shown its support for the F League, which was to play its first four games this Saturday, all of them postponed like those on Sunday.