the successful sport in Spain

Spain, the Spaniards, is a country closely associated with any type of sports discipline. If we park the sp

Spain, the Spaniards, is a country closely associated with any type of sports discipline. If we park the sport of football (football moves on other levels), sports fans have endless options: basketball, cycling, tennis … and, of course, golf, one of the most popular sports disciplines. growing over the last few years, as can be seen in certain factors: there are more elite athletes who move at champion levels as in the case of Jon Rahm (this always supposes an injection of promotion); more infrastructures are being created (some of them are municipal and the costs of playing are reduced); and those followers who are looking for golf are becoming popular within the offer of sports bets that many platforms in the gaming sector are offering online. The circle closes with a greater presence of golf in the media, whether specialized or general.

It happens with other sports and it happens in golf. If a certain sport discipline has great professionals who win tournaments and are a worldwide reference, in Spain, in their country of origin, a good number of new followers and practitioners of that sport emerge. Some of these new players end up captivated and fall in love with this sport, as will happen with some of the new golfers. Jon Rahm’s winning presence (he is the current number 1 in the ranking) encourages people to get closer to this sport. It already happened in times with Severiano Ballesteros and José María Olazábal. The new benchmark of this sport, Jon Rahm was proclaimed champion of the United States Open and has also had notable winning performances in the Ryder Cup from another golf icon, Sergio García, from Castellón, who started this trend of attracting people to this sport after his success in the Augusta Masters.

As a consequence of the above, the number of sports facilities for playing golf has been growing progressively in recent times, at the same rate that the myth that this sport was only for wealthy people has been banishing. Currently, there are more and more municipal golf courses (the cost is low) or private courses that offer to play a few holes at quite competitive prices. However, there is still work to be done in order to consolidate this sport among all its followers, while policies to attract new players must continue. Let’s also remember that golf is a very healthy sport: you also get a lot of exercise.

Another factor that shows that golf is gaining considerable popularity is its appearance in the predictions that can be made in online bookmakers. Not everything is football or horses anymore (yes, horses, a discipline like many followers in this area). Predicting on a certain winner or victor in a certain hole or trying to guess the number of strokes are some of the options found in this field. Of course, as with other sports, there are no magic recipes, although it does help, and a lot, to know the ins and outs of this sporting discipline.