“The technicians are spoiling football, they are not brave”

He went up the band again and again, haggled like few others, with his changes of pace and his command of both legs. Fernando Marqués was a mocker

He went up the band again and again, haggled like few others, with his changes of pace and his command of both legs. Fernando Marqués was a mocker on the field, so much so that even at the age of 17, the former Rayo Vallecano player, Dorado, “stepped on his neck” in training after suffering up to three dribbles from the player who debuted in the First Division at such an early age. With a few extra kilos, at 38, he went through the Perico Que Vola program to review his career and talk about soccer. A game that he still does not want to forget. “I’m not retired, but I’m preparing to be a coach,” said the former Rayo, Racing, Espanyol, Atlético, Iraklis and Parma player, among others.

Marqués spoke of his discola youth and away from home as a teenager, but before he sent a message to the coaches when he was asked if he felt like one of those players that no longer remain: “It may be that they no longer remain because of the coaches. I don’t want to speak badly, but I watch a lot of games and there are not very brave coaches. They play without width, without ends, or they are placed on a changed band… Football changed because of the coaches and they are full of 0-0 when they should be braver. The one who should be afraid is the worker who earns a thousand euros a month and has six children; but the coaches? I don’t like them spoiling football.”

Marqués’s reflection came after confessing that he should have “studied” (“I liked design”), but that football led him to experience difficult personal situations, especially when he left for Racing de Santander at just 18 years of age, where he failed to curdle and was more protagonist for his extra-sports episodes than for his dribbles. “I had a lot of free time, I didn’t study and then you do things you shouldn’t… But there is a wrong image of me. I used to go out when I was young, but they always caught me at the right moments, ”said the player, sanctioned on numerous occasions for his indiscipline.

Poker lover and idol at Parma

On his left leg, the player has four poker cards tattooed, his other great passion (“it reminds me of football”, he said) with the four teams that have marked him the most in his career: Rayo Vallecano, Iraklis, Espanyol and Parma. Regarding his time with the parakeet team, the winger clarified that “I left because of an error in my contract and because of my representatives. I was happy. It is true that I demanded more minutes because in the last section Pochettino did not put me on so as not to expose myself. I had good offers and I went to Parma”, declared a player who appeared on the parakeet program saying that “I am from Barça”, but who clarified “I have always been sincere, my heart is also from Espanyol, we have to teach sportsmanship to people and prevent bullying.

Although at Parma he ended up being an idol in two and a half years (“the fans dedicated two songs to me”), he acknowledged that he had a bad time at first: “I called Cristian Álvarez, crying, telling him that he should have continued at Espanyol” . But Marqués, a talent like few others, turned the page. He went to New York and then returned to more modest categories. He left behind a different story for a player of his category, who now explains it by enduring blows and with the casual tone of a street player in capital letters.