The telenovela Julio Cesar Chavez vs JC Chavez Junior

The Chavez dynasty is one of the most controversial in Mexican boxing, especially because of the endless battle between the legend Julio Cesar Chav

The Chavez dynasty is one of the most controversial in Mexican boxing, especially because of the endless battle between the legend Julio Cesar Chavez and his eldest son, JC Chavez Jr.

The junior, who was world champion a few years ago, had a year full of dramas above and below the ring, but the son of the César del boxing keeps the attention of the spotlight because of the scandals and not because of his performance in the ring.

While Julio Cesar Chavez He is the most beloved, respected and admired boxer of Mexicans. Thanks to his fights, triumphs and records that made him a legend, JC Chávez Jr. has become the laughing stock of Aztec boxing.

Family problems have led the Grand Mexican Champion to face a war of declarations against his son, who forced him to rehabilitate himself, if he is the one who criticizes his fights the most, if he forces him not to divorce his wife, Frida Muñoz, or if you prefer and show off El Canelo Álvarez.

For his part, the junior has made strong revelations against his father in recent weeks, talking about the violence he, his brothers and his mother suffered when Chavez was on drugs.

How did the fight between Chavez and JC Chavez Jr start?

Even if Julio Cesar Chavez It has always been the one that most criticizes the career of Omar and JC Chávez Jr., the battle between father and son had not detonated as we see it now. The rivalry between the junior and El Canelo Álvarez could be key to this conflict.

And it is that everything points to the farewell fight of César de boxing against Héctor Macho Camacho Jr, because while the legend demonstrated his quality in the ring at the age of 59, he asked El Canelo to accompany him in his corner, and not his children , who shared the billboard, both losing, Omar Chávez against Ramón Álvarez, brother of El Canelo; and JC Chávez Jr. against Anderson Silva, a former UFC champion who was making his boxing debut.

That night as the Mexicans celebrated the legend’s farewell with a memorable photo of Canelo and Chavez putting their heads together in a moving moment, the junior was not so happy.

Chavez asks junior to retire

After losing to Anderson Silva, JC Chávez asked his son that the best thing was to retire, given his lack of commitment and preparation.

“I prefer that they retire and now to hell. If they are not going to prepare thoroughly, what is the use,” said the former boxer.

Given this, the junior assured that he will decide when he should retire and his future in the ring, not his father.

“Don’t get discouraged, I’m never going to do it. Until I decide I don’t box anymore, until that day I’m going to retire.”

Weeks after that moment, Chávez Jr disappeared from social media, and three months later his father revealed that he was in rehab. In October 2021, the junior returned with a series of photos and videos showing that he was back in training, seeking to resume his career and promising to get away from the scandals, the latter he did not fulfill.

Chávez Jr. and recent statements against his father

After assuring that it was his wife Frida Muñoz who forced him to rehabilitate, Chávez Jr. began a war of declarations with his father, whom he has asked to respect his career.

Although he was not questioned on the subject, Julio Cesar Chavez Jr revealed the problems he has with the Legend of Mexican boxing, from whom he asks for respect and independence to make decisions in the ring.

Chávez Jr was surprised to highlight that because of his father he has experienced many complicated things, and assured that it is better not to know his true image, because if not, the fans will stop loving him.

“Imagine what I went through with my dad, I went through a lot of things. It’s hard to put up with my dad. He was a great athlete and that’s it, because, maybe, if they know him, it will take away what they love him for.”

“Just as the name left me, he left me many blowjobs, like strange people, abusive people, how are you going to talk to Chávez about property taxes, about another thing? … He only knows about running or boxing and these assholes take advantage Many times they tell him something about his son and he doesn’t want to say something.”

Chávez Jr reveals the violencewho lived in his childhood

Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. did not keep anything and showed the anger he has against his father for his statements, and he exhibited it by revealing the family violence they suffered when they were children and JC Chávez used drugs.

The junior once again attacked the Grand Mexican Champion, whom he blamed for his traumas, for beating his mother and assured that “he consumed more things than me.”

“I have tried to make amends with my father, I pay attention to him and everything, but… I have tried, but he listens to many people who do not love him, although they respect him because they love him very much or because he is a great athlete,” he assured. through their Instagram stories.

Julio Cesar Chavez Jr confessed how his father beat them, although he assures that he has already forgiven him.

“Athlete and whatever you want, but how did he behave with us, with my family when he was young? Badly, he hit us, he hit my mom. We already forgive him, but now what does he say, that I’m worse than him”, the junior pointed out.

Chávez Jr assures that his father wants to force him to enter rehab, again

Julio Cesar Chavez Junior He used his social networks again to explode against his father and revealed that he wants to put him back in a rehabilitation clinic, a situation that he considered to be out of place.

In addition, the boxer pointed out that The Caesar of Boxing is pressuring him to return to his partner Frida Muñoz.

“My dad tells me go with her if we’re not going to put you in the clinic, that’s not the way to fix a relationship. My wife is going to say, that fucking asshole, if his dad tells him that, he’s a stupid guy, that’s where he’s come all the mess,” said Chavez Junior, who regretted that his father does not support him.

So that the new generations know him, his people try to distract him with me, because he supposedly cares a lot about me, but if someone cares about you, they want the best for you. Instead of saying it’s good that my son is better, he is the only father in the world who doesn’t want his son to be the best

Julio Cesar Chavez Junior regretted that in the face of any situation that happens in his life, they want to solve everything by admitting him to a rehabilitation clinic, he even hinted that he is willing to defend himself on this occasion so that this does not happen.

“If someone is messing around that we use things, it’s to go check, and not lock up a guy and take away his phones for four months, let them grab whatever it is and when he comes out and asks, they tell him he’s a crazy asshole and they tell him again to put”.

“Soldiers, police officers, lawyers, they tell me to sue them, but I haven’t wanted to, I’m not interested in doing anything against them, but if something happens to see that they don’t see me, there is an island in Guadalajara… but the more I have like this they will steal more money. Money is the problem of everything”.

The junior tells his dad that better from far away

“He is a legend and I respect him, the respect I have for him is true, I never used him at all, but I always admire him, but better from afar, I adore my dad, but don’t talk to me about me family. Nobody loves him like I do, “added the boxer in his Instagram stories.

And as if that were not enough, Chávez Junior considered that it would be prudent for his father to undergo brain studies to find out if he does not have some kind of damage: “With the permission of all Mexicans, we must do a study of the brain of all those who are there, and whoever goes wrong, let us admit him, if he is wrong again because they told me that… I don’t know, I’m not going to say anything. We do the studies and whoever goes wrong let him be admitted” , He said.