The Towers has a date with history this Saturday

The Towers Football has a date with history this Saturday. The most important American football team in the region of A Coruña receives this Satu

The Towers Football has a date with history this Saturday. The most important American football team in the region of A Coruña receives this Saturday in Cambre at 3:00 p.m. the Legends of Barcelona. For the first time in history, Galicia will experience an Interterritorial Playoff match in a promotion to the highest category.

Carlos Pastoriza is he Coach of the A Coruña team and we Account in Fifteen thousand the sensations what’s wrong with it a few hours before this exciting game. “We are with looking forward to it and for us it will be a challenge because we are competing against a higher category team but we arrived very motivated”.

The Coruñeses completed a perfect first phase with eight wins in the eight games played. “We value the season as a tremendous success. We have faced teams that have been playing together for many years and that have played in a higher category such as Oviedo Valladolid, Santurzi and Santiago, our lifelong rival and whom we know well. Finishing undefeated was a success for us.”

“The team was born in 2007 when we get together in a bar to watch American football. One day we decided to try it on the beach and we saw that there were more people crazy like ours in Galicia and we formed a campus to which 40 people came. A year later we brought together the team from Santiago and Coruña to compete in Portugal. When that league ended we started competing on our own. We went from being about nine or ten kids from Coruña to the 58 that there are now. The team has grown a lot despite the fact that the pandemic slowed us down a lot,” explains Pastoriza.

The team trains two days a week in Cambre, where it also plays matches. “The City Council has always treated us great for six years. As adults we have two days in the gym at the Riazor fronton. We invite everyone to come train with us because he is one of the few sports that allows you to play no matter how physically fit you are.

The Towers games are always a real show. “We tried imitate certain things we see, such as entering with flares, cheerleaders, canteen, speaker that explains the plays. It is the American model that we try to apply here with the obvious differences.”

The capricious fate has placed the Towers game on the same day as Deportivo. “It’s a shame. We were looking forward to Dépor at 9:00 p.m. It is something that kills us because we are going to be very fair but there was no way to change it. They travel by plane from Barcelona, ​​play and leave again after the game. At least it doesn’t coincide with us at the same time, but it’s a shame.”

In case of victorythe Towers would play the final final for promotion in Asturias within 15 days. It is difficult to imagine that the team can compete in the First Division due to the financial outlay involved and the club’s humility. “Sportingly we could compete for sure, but a lot of money is needed and it seems complicated. The infrastructure that is needed is very important and it seems unlikely that we could achieve it, but the first thing is to enjoy this Saturday and encourage everyone to follow us.”