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The two (confirmed) failures of world football

There are less than two months left for the 21-22 season to end and no matter what happens, there are two confirmed sporting failures even if they win a competition, they are PSG and Bayern Munich.

Why are they a failure? Because they fell short of the objectives they had planned at the beginning of the season. But not only that, if you have one of the five most valued squads in the world you can’t settle for a league.

PSG has the most important trident of the last decade. Unfortunately for the 21-22 season, he only aspires to win the French League since he was eliminated in the round of 16 of the Cup in his country and did not go beyond the Champions League after losing to Real Madrid. The Parisian club has the second most valued squad in the world with 903.4 MDE. At PSG there are Messi-Neymar-Mbappé and just achieving a league seems like one more of their failures.

The same in the case of Bayern Munich, which is ranked number five on the list. All its footballers are worth 804.5 MDE. And despite that, he can only win -once again- the Bundesliga, a championship that he has not lost since the 13-14 campaign. In case of being crowned once again it will be the tenth in a row.

Manchester City can be the worst failure

If in itself what can happen with PSG and Bayern, who have their league in their hands, is negative, it can be worse for the Cityzens. The reason is the same, with the difference that the Catalan coach has the team with the most valued squad of all those in the world.

According to data from Transfermarkt, the figure is 959.3 MDE, which means 55.85 MDE more than the second place, PSG. But the City does not have any ‘secured’ title.

So far this season they were knocked out of the FA by Liverpool in the semi-finals a few days ago, they lost in the fourth round of the League Cup, they lost the FA Community Shield at the start of the campaign.

It’s true, they are still ‘alive’ in the Champions League and they are in the semis. In the Premier League they are only one point ahead of Liverpool at the top of the tournament with seven games still to go.

The other two clubs with the most valuable squads: Liverpool and Chelsea, third and fourth respectively, still have competition in which they can win something or, failing that, there are already trophies in their showcase.

In the case of Chelsea, winner of the last Champions League, they are going for the FA Cup crown. They also won the last Club World Cup and the European Super Cup.

Although Liverpool has not won anything, it has three chances: it fights for the Premier League, it is in the semifinals of the Champions League and it will play the FA Cup final.

Everyone measures success or failure according to their conditions. At least for these five squads, winning is sometimes not enough, sometimes they are ‘forced’ or with the ‘slogan’ to obtain everything that is put in front of them.

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