The UFC fighter who lived the worst night of his life in Saint-Denis

Paddy Pimblett is a charismatic and funny UFC fighter who puts his physique on the line every night he's locked in a cage fighting his rival. Mar

Paddy Pimblett is a charismatic and funny UFC fighter who puts his physique on the line every night he’s locked in a cage fighting his rival. Martial arts expert and competing at lightweight, The Englishman experienced one of his worst nights on the day of the Champions League final between Liverpool and Real Madrid in Saint-Denis.

He lived the final as just another spectator. Born in Liverpool, Pimblett traveled to France to support Klopp’s side. In an interview in RMC Sport he confessed that he never “I had been so scared” like that night. Despite fighting locked in a cage, the Englishman claimed that “at least, in a cage, it’s one against one. When we left the stadium, there were groups of thirty people running. Some of them had weapons, machetes, knives, iron bars, bats… You just had to try to escape from that place. People were thrown to the ground and their watches and belongings were stolen.”

How did you manage to avoid being attacked? “I was with my uncle and friends. We decided to band together to protect ourselves. A group of Irish recognized me. There were six of them, so they started walking with us. We were lucky to be a dozen because these gangs, and I don’t know if they were local but they were people who lived around Saint-Denis, these gangs looked at us and when they saw how many we were, they didn’t come to bother us”.

The worst thing he experienced on Saturday night. “There were people running with machetes. I’ve been repeating it for a few days: the only thing I can compare this to is the movie American Nightmare. There were no more laws, you could do whatever you wanted.”

Interior Minister Gérarld Darmaind accused Liverpool fans. “A total and huge lie. This man should resign because he is disgusting and despicable. It is so easy to use Liverpool fans as scapegoats.”

Did the stewards steal tickets from some fans? They took people’s tickets telling them they were fake when they weren’t. I think that’s what happened to Andy Robertson and his friend who he gave a ticket to. He had never experienced anything like this.”