The weigh-in was done and everything was ready for the festival of the Rawson Boxing Club

This Friday night, starting at 10:00 p.m., the long-awaited "Aguante Corazón, Que hay boxing II" Festival will take place, organize

This Friday night, starting at 10:00 p.m., the long-awaited “Aguante Corazón, Que hay II” will take place, organized by the Boxing Club, led by former boxer and trainer Raúl “Pampa” Ducid.

The event will take place at the “Héroes de Malvinas” Gym in Playa Unión and will have Mauro “La Bestia” Corbalán against Axel Isla, as a great background combat, in an evening that promises great emotions.

The fight grid will consist of 5 (five) amateur fights, 2 (two) Professional Semifund fights and 1 (one) Professional Fund fight, where the local figure, Mauro “La Bestia” Corbalán, stands out.

This festival will be supervised by the Rawson Municipal Boxing Commission. The referees will be Eduardo Segundo Mansilla and Bruno Bastián.

It should be noted that the event has a ticket worth $1,000 and will have a buffet service.


Prelims – 3 rounds 2×1
1.- Federico Flores (CBR) vs. Jesus Ezequiel Cretton (Esquel)
2.- Iara Espinoza (Cenarcam RW) vs. Lara Roberts (Arévalo Boxing RW)
3.- Karen Muñoz Elias (CBR) vs. Luciana Gonzalez (Esquel)
4.- Sebastián Barria (Cenarcam RW) vs. Iván Castro Castillo (CR)
5.- Facundo Ramos (CBR) vs. Maximiliano Ortega (Esquel)

1st Professional Semifund – Light
Lorenzo Fuentealba (CBR) 1-0-0 (1 KO) vs Rogelio Gabriel Javier (Tigre BS AS) 0-1-0

2nd Professional Semifund – Medium
Federico Daniel Vega (Narváez TW Boxing School) vs. Ariel Leonel López (CR Boxing Club)

Professional Background – Super Light
Mauro Amaro Corbalán (CBR) 7-0-1 (4 ko) vs. Axel Emanuel Isla (Neuquén) 3-0-0.