There is the F1 World Cup, but without Spaniards – Start it, for God’s sake!

The new rules, the new cars are causing reliability and regularity to be the most appreciated assets if you want to win the World

The new rules, the new cars are causing reliability and regularity to be the most appreciated assets if you want to win the World Cup. If in Australia, after the abandonment of and a new victory for , everyone pointed to Ferrari and the Monegasque driver as the top favorites for the title, after the Grand Prix this Sunday in Ímola the sensations have changed a lot.

Red Bull reacted in record time, lightened the car and got as many points as possible after winning both the sprim race on Saturday and the classic race on Sunday, where they were also able to celebrate a one-two.

Only four races after the start of the World Championship we began to see the first mistakes in the Italian team that has had its worst weekend since the red light went out in March at the Barheim circuit. Leclerc’s ruling on Sunday that has left him off the podium and the abandonment of Sainz in the first lap is a serious setback for the team that is beginning to show its most disorderly or hesitant face, the one that has made it lose so much in the past.

Even with Leclerc’s failure, the Monegasque still leads the drivers’ standings with a comfortable cushion of 27 points, but Verstappen has compensated for his two retirements in the raceis already second and his confidence and that of the team can make things change.

Where it seems that nothing changes despite the continuous headlines that The Plan arrives, the improvements, the confidence, is in the Spanish. Although Alonso signed fifth on the grid in the sprint and Carlos Sainz staged a brilliant comeback on Saturday, on Sunday the two Spaniards collapsed and ended up out of the race. Carlos has dropped from second position in the drivers’ standings to fifth place, and he is beginning to feel the nerves and pressure that your teammate, with the same car, achieve better results.

What can I tell you about , well, honestly, he is neither there nor is he expected. I’m sorry to have to be so harsh with the Spanish rider, and although the rain may have watered down in Ímola the improvements on the flat bottom that Alpine had planned to give them greater top speed and competitiveness, the truth is that neither Saturday nor Sunday it has been possible to celebrate practically nothing. Alonso was ninth on Saturday, staying out of the points, and a touch in the race on Sunday forced him to abandon due to the damage that the car had suffered.

Are there many races left? Yes. Will we see a Spaniard win this season? Also, but bet more on red because Alonso’s Alpine and his luck do not seem to be willing to let the Asturian driver dream again with champagne celebrations. As for Sainz, or smart in a couple of races, Montmeló would be a good place to start cutting points, and show himself as a candidate for the title or will soon become Leclerc’s squire.

This World Cup is going very fast, they still have to live and suffer many reliability failures and retirements that will make the title decide in the end.