“There will be many things to decide”

Madrid has once again witnessed the presentation of the Aragon GP, ​​as happened in its debut year in the championship back in 2010 and fortunately

Madrid has once again witnessed the presentation of the Aragon GP, ​​as happened in its debut year in the championship back in 2010 and fortunately, it has nothing to do with closing a cycle. The adventure will continue at MotorLand, at least until 2026, but this season they have wanted to welcome in style an exciting return of the Spanish event since, despite the fact that the Aragonese track was one of the scenarios that resisted the uncertainty and was able to host the World Cup in that 2020 complex twice, now, they arrive with a clear objective: to fill the stands again as in those pre-pandemic editions that even led up to four times (2010, 2013, 2015 and 2020), to proclaim this appointment as the best of the entire season.

It will undoubtedly become a special date (from September 16 to 18), since the grand prix exceeds 12+1 editions on the calendar with all that that figure entails for Spanish motorcycling, although previously “all visits also They have been extraordinary”, as Carmelo Ezpeleta acknowledged during the presentation. However, despite the fact that “the season so far has been very close, and with a lot of fighting”, the CEO of Dorna also gives prominence to the stands: “With the return of the spectators and with all the public cheering, it will be an extraordinary event ”.

As if that were not enough, the Aragonese event continues to reserve arguments that Jorge Martín reveals. “It will be a race where there are many things to decide and incredible battles can be seen”, comments the Madrid native, who has always considered MotorLand “the home circuit”, in favor of the grand prix. It may or may not be a coincidence that it has become one of his favorite tracks since since he began to enter, he has always “loved” an Aragonese layout that he defines as “a super complete circuit with fast curves, slow curves… It is of a very technical circuit with the Corkscrew, a unique curve in the whole World Championship”.

There were difficult times, almost like in any project that starts from scratch. But when nobody believed “in that project, we came here (to Madrid) hand in hand, we presented it and although some said ‘those from Aragon are crazy’, we did it”, says Arturo Aliaga, vice president of the Government of Aragon and president of MotorLand , about how the first steps were taken in an event that came to register a total of 107,000 spectators as the best entry, which it now intends to overcome since it has gone from entering as a reserve circuit, to becoming iconic within the MotoGP calendar.