There will never be another Julio Cesar Chavez!

“El César del boxing” recently turned sixty years old and inexorably our memory floods us, the memories that fill the enormous trunk of the unatta

“El César del boxing” recently turned sixty years old and inexorably our memory floods us, the memories that fill the enormous trunk of the unattainable legacy of the great Mexican champion.

We could easily cite data and data from the Sonora-born, but I think the most important thing today is to mention the legacy that Julio has left to the new generations of Mexican boxers and the example of literally knocking out the demons of alcoholism and drug addiction. .

Chavez’s influence on prospects, contenders and current champions is a constant, there is no current Mexican boxer who does not have Julio as a reference, this new breed of enormous talent, dreams of throwing the hook like Julio, finishing a great fight in the last seconds like when Taylor fell before the fists of the great Mexican champion or literally “clogging” the Azteca Stadium with people and shutting up a loudmouth like Haugen, whom he humiliated for 5 rounds before more than 130 thousand human beings , the truth is that Julio wrote so many legendary stories, that we would not finish giving examples, that surely from Canelo to the Mexican 4-round fighters, they would like to emulate, in short, this is Julio, a legend of Mexican boxing, who has impacted and It will continue to impact its countrymen and anyone who puts on the gloves in a professional manner.

Mentioning the amounts that an athlete earns, and in this case a boxer, is shocking to me, however in the book “Adiós a la gloria” by Francisco Ponce, it is mentioned that Chávez would have earned more than one hundred million dollars, of that size is the greatness of Julio, because in the divisions in which Chávez González limited, without a doubt it would seem impossible to generate these amounts, which were reserved for the highest division, the heavyweight division, however, Julio at his highest moment, saved the boxing and incidentally the controversial American promoter Don King, who needed a star and the top Mexican star came to him.

Now, to talk about Julio’s pants under the ring is to talk about one of the most important achievements in the life of the Aztec warrior, Julio won great fights against “El Azabache” Martínez, Juan Laporte, Rubén Castillo, “Bazooka” Limón, José Luis “Zurdo” Ramírez, Roger Mayweather, Meldrick Taylor, “Macho” Camacho, Greg Haugen and Frankie Randall to mention some of his most memorable grabs, but surely none compares to the knockout that Julio in his personal life gave to drugs and alcohol, for that you need another type of pants and determination, because Julio could literally lose everything and by tying his pants more than 12 years ago, not only did he not lose everything, but he gained all the recognition as a human being, today our Julio is clean and sober and that is and will be his greatest feat and feat, Julio as a legend in the ring, but especially under the string, because not only is he well, but in his clinics he is determined and or Cuped in helping everyone who needs to detoxify and knock out JC style, the most dangerous demons.

The world of boxing celebrated the 60th anniversary of the greatest boxer in Mexico and one of the greatest in all of history.

As an anecdote, I’ll tell you that, working at Univisión Deportes, I interviewed Julio and told him that the night he lost to Kostya Tszyu I cried from the pain of seeing my idol fall and Julio with that incomparable smile told me with a tone of sarcasm of the good next: “No man, well forgive me for having made you cry, I didn’t want you to cry” … and he let out a huge laugh.

Dear July:

I would have loved to give you a hug in your 60s, but you well know that from a distance and from a close distance, you will always have my respect, admiration and affection.

Happy birthday dear legend, a hug to collect!