These are the 5 best fights in boxing history, according to TIME

TIME magazine revealed the most emblematic fights in boxing history based on various data and indicators.Said parameters, according to the medium I

TIME magazine revealed the most emblematic fights in boxing history based on various data and indicators.

Said parameters, according to the medium IN THE RING: BOXING NEWS, are: the result obtained in the Fight, the audience that attended thestory, the pugilists who starred in Fight and the style of each of them.

Therefore the best five fights established by the American medium are the following:

Muhammad Ali vs Joe Frazier III held on October 1, 1975

East combat is seen as the best in history where the winner was Muhammad Ali who won the meeting in the fourteenth assault after Joe Frazier’s corner retired his boxer due to the intense combat carried out in the Philippines.

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-Jack Dempsey vs. Luis Ángel Firpo held on September 14, 1923

Is Fight The boxing match was between American Jack Dempsey and Argentine Luis Ángel Firpo in New York City, where the American defended his heavyweight championship.

Saying meeting It was very particular because, unlike boxing now, at that time there were not all the rules that exist today, therefore this sport was seen in one way or another as a street competition.

The dispute ended in the second assault with 11 falls between them pugilists giving the North American Dempsey as the winner.

Sugar Ray Leonard vs. Thomas Hearns held on September 16, 1981

East meeting had as protagonists the pugilists Thomas Hearns who was the World Boxing Association (WBA) welterweight champion and the World Boxing Council Champion.

The meeting It was very particular because despite the fact that in round 13 everything seemed finished for Sugar Ray, said boxer, went out to give it his all, managing to beat Hearns by way of technical knockout.

-Micky Ward vs. Arturgo Gatti on May 18, 2002

Saying meeting was considered the combat of the year due to the fury with which both boxers jumped into the ring since from the beginning to the end of the ninth round both pugilists they were severely punished.

In the end, Micky Ward found the right combination of punches to break Gatti’s guard with a withering hook to the liver and ultimately win the unanimous decision. Fight.

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joe louis v. Billy Conn held June 18, 1941

The Fight between the then young Billy Conn and the wide favorite joe louis is considered one of the most emblematic in the world of boxing because Conn was about to beat the experienced Louis who in the eighth assault He was visibly dehydrated.

However, despite Billy’s efforts, Joe managed to react and sent the young on the thirteenth assault in order to win the combat.