These are the 5 lowest paid Formula 1 drivers in 2022

Written in SPORTS CENTER the 7/19/2022 6:22 p.m. The Formula 1 continues to grow in numbers and popularity over the years, being one of the m

Written in SPORTS CENTER the 7/19/2022 6:22 p.m.

The continues to grow in numbers and popularity over the years, being one of the most watched sports in the world. Therefore, in addition to the large investments made by commercial brands and the teams themselves, such as Mercedes, Red Bull and Ferrarimake it one of the most expensive disciplines today.

Although in some teams of the ‘Great Circus’ the pilots’ salaries can amount to several million dollars, as in the case of Lewis Hamilton with Mercedes when receiving up to 40 million dollars. However, the comparison of their salaries can be contrasting with the teams with a lower profile, as in the case of who ended up not continuing with Nikita Mazepin.

Until now, the runner-up and current winner of Formula 1, Hamilton and Max Verstappen, are the best paid with 40 and 35 million dollars. Far from the Ferraris with Charles Leclerc with 12 and Carlos Sainz with 10. However, there are those who, due to the capacity of their team and little projection, do not charge a million. We tell you who they are:

Lewis Hamilton is the highest paid driver in Formula 1 ahead of Max Verstappen

The lowest paid drivers in Formula 1 of 2022:

  • Guanyu Zhou | The Chinese driver of Alfa Romeo, only 23 years old, earns in the team 1 million dollars. In the current campaign he has added 5 points.
  • | The son of the legendary Michael Schumacher stars in his best campaign in Formula 1. The German driver has a salary at Haas of 1 million dollars. This could increase for another season, because he has added up to 12 units, far from the 0 he had in 2021.
  • Nicholas Latifi | The controversial Canadian driver of Williams is also among those who receive the least money in F1 with 1 million dollars. However, unlike Guany Zhou and Mick, he has had a rough ride as he did not add units during his debut and only had 7 last year.
  • | The Japanese driver from Alpha Tauri will just complete his second year in Formula 1 and before the unknown of Kevin Magnussen’s salary, this is the lowest salary at $750,000.

Yuki Tsunoda competes in his second season with Alpha Tauri in Formula 1

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