These are the 85 apps to watch football for free that LaLiga wants to close

Thanks to the participation of LaLiga in a query from the European Commission to request that IPTV m3u playlist applications be persecuted, we hav

These are the 85 apps to watch football for free that LaLiga wants to close

Thanks to the participation of LaLiga in a query from the European Commission to request that IPTV m3u playlist applications be persecuted, we have learned of the 85 apps that its anti-piracy technology subsidiary has in its sights.

The National Professional Football League has participated in the public consultation of the European Commission where it is decided which products will be part of the Counterfeiting and Piracy Watch List 20221, a document with which Europe pressures the governments of the countries where it is most infringed intellectual property.

LaLiga Tech is the technological subsidiary of LaLiga dedicated to fighting football piracy. Around twenty experts work in it using self-developed tools such as Marauder, Lumière, Black Hole and Neko, pursuing the dissemination of LaLiga content without permission, such as paid football.

Its main enemy today are IPTV player apps for mobile devices. Millions of users use these apps, which he describes as illegal, “to reproduce protected audiovisual content in an unauthorized way”, now assuming “one of the main threats to the entire audiovisual industry worldwide”.

These apps are “developed and used to illegally and unauthorizedly reproduce protected audiovisual content.” To do so, they feed on m3u lists that can be free or paid, a type of file that contains IP lists from where the video streaming of TV channels that are displayed in the application is served.

The app makers behind m3u playlist building

LaLiga says that the developers of the apps “try to simulate an appearance of legality” while they are behind the preparation of the channel lists.

In short, behind the player apps there is a group of people who, organized and coordinated, seek to obtain economic benefits through the illegal and unauthorized retransmission of audiovisual content.

“The player applications present relevant indications that they have been designed, and are being used, to gain unauthorized access to protected content.” One of them would be that most of them offer a functionality to use a VPN in order to get around the blocking of the operators.

LaLiga against the Newplay IPTV app

Capture channels logo in NewplayCapture shown by LaLiga with the channel logo in the Newplay IPTV app

The main example cited by the LaLiga report is Newplay IPTV, an app developed in Spain by the iTech company that was downloaded by more than 900,000 users during 2021. The application code includes the logos of paid football channels such as LaLiga , Movistar Deportes or MotoGP, ready to be displayed when an m3u list is installed as https://verlatvonline.com/database/playlist.m3u.

85 IPTV apps investigated

In addition to Newplay, the league report lists a total of 85 apps available on Google Play and the Apple App Store, which are considered the most relevant. These apps, which have been downloaded 50 million times, are currently being monitored and investigated by LaLiga Tech, in some cases judicially.

apps developer IPTV Alexander Sofronov IPTV EXTREMEPaolo Turatti IPTV SMARTES PROWHMCS SMARTERS GSE SMART IPTVdroidvision Perfect Player IPTV Niklabs Software Premium IPTVPremium IPTV! IPTV Lite – HD IPTV PlayerAppTech Gallery Simple Player IPTVApps Use Free IPTV Player PRO – IP Television M3UEveryday_apps Xtream IPTV PlayerOpen Systems Service XCIPTV PLAYEROTTRUN IPTV Watch TV online, Player IPTVEvolution Apps e Games MXLTVMXL IPTV- Movies, Series, IP TV, TV OnlineVida Nova Apps OttPlayerottplayer IPTV ProJuanriapps Simple IPTVBurak Kal IPTV Stream PlayerA&R SSIPTVSS IPTV Team TiviMate IPTV PlayerAR Mobile Dev OTT Navigator IPTVSIA Scillarium Studio Televizo – IPTV playerAndrey Menscikov Smart IPTV Xtream PlayerDevcoder Xtream Player TVCast – IPTV everywhereGSourcesDev Drama Live IPTVWatch your Live IPTV & Shows Sneig Flix iptvFlix play Miradetodo: IPTV PROTutoApps HOTTEST IPTVHOTTEST IPTV – Internet TV PlayerDevs Ground IPTV Stream ProA&R Net ipTV Net ipTV IPTV PLAYERAraDevApp Dimplay: IPTVDimplay Player dream Player IPTV for Android TVChristian Fees WESOPRO IPTV PROHOTEST Ultra IPTVUltra IPTV Ultimate IPTV Playlist LoaderAntonio Dimitri IPTV Loader Freeiptvloaderteam ES-IPTVFULL-DEV-SOLUTION IPTV Pro BOX premium ott Smart IPTV PlayerVISE LazyIptv DeluxeLC-Soft IPTV ProAlexander Sofronov IPTV Extreme ProPaolo Turatti IPTV PlayerYasin Güven IPTV – Watch TV with M3U8Avirise Limited CY Smarters Player LiteWHMCS SMARTERS IPTV Player Live M3U8Apps_Pro Free IPTVGamesoftgames IPTV Player – Perfect m3u playerLamda Ticket IPTV PROExpo Tech MH IPTV PRO Speed ​​Developer Cosmi DVR – IPTV PVR for Android TVCosmiQuest AV-IPTVAV-TECH IP Television – IPTV M3UPaolo Rossignoli GOTIT IPTV PlayerGOTIT IPTV player Video Player HD (IPTV)mameforhome EXYU.tv – Najbolja Internet TelevizijaEXYU TV IPTV Blink PlayerBlink Player DreamTv ActiveRLSA IPTV SMART PLAYERlayercode Insta IPTVTeam Wye VIP IPTVFALCON IPTV CosmiTV IPTV PlayerCosmiQuest Nanomid IPTV PlayerSC Nanomid Emea srl Super IPTV PlayerCccam IPTV Network All IPTV PlayerSky Technology Services Pty Ltd Stream IPTV Player & Parser – M3U PlayerAzeDev NOX IPTVNOXTECH IPTV 2021Nino Imad LEGAZY IPTV PLAYER LEGAZY SYSTEMS DEVELOPER TV Mexico – TV Box Mexican Television IPTVDevelopments RD Cast IPTV – TV PlayerUno Apps Mega IPTV Mega Web App Development Universal IPTV Clicks Moment Team Prime IPTV PremiumPrime IPTV Premium VentoX IPTV PlayerMYM Project Team Iptv.KingIPTV. KING Smarting iptvSmarting Iptv IPTV BananaSmartersPro IPTVKareArt IPTV Lite : IPTV PlayerBinodon Soft Plus IPTV – Smart IPTV PlayeriAppLand Studio IPTV Smarters Pro – GSE SMART IPTV – IPTV PlayerDevelopers LTD IPTV ReaderIPTV Reader

In addition to apps, the LaLiga report refers to illegal IPTV services that are sold at very low prices (around €30 per year), which illegally offer paid content, such as football. In another category are the streaming websites, where it is possible to view paid content directly and without registering. Finally, LaLiga refers to decoder devices that come with all the necessary software ready to work and access protected content.

  1. Public consultation on the Counterfeit and Piracy Watch List