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These are the best teams in the history of Formula 1

Despite the two consecutive victories of

The dominance that Mercedes has had in the last era of Formula 1 is indisputable. The Germans at the hands of Toto Wolff, Lewis Hamilton and even figures like Niki Lauda off the track took the bastion left by Red Bull who had won four consecutive titles with Sebastian Vettel at the main wheel and since 2014 they have won eight championships. constructors and seven drivers (six for Lewis Hamilton and one for Nico Rosberg). However, they are still far from the pinnacle of F1 history.

At the top it stays the Scuderia Ferrari that despite not having won any title during the last 14 years, neither constructors nor drivers. Those from Maranello boasted one last domain with Michael Schumacher at the wheel with whom they won five consecutive crowns at the beginning of the new millennium.

On the other hand, the legacy of Frank Williams, who passed away during 2021, appears with the second most successful squad in the history of the categorylast achieved with the Canadian Jacques Villeneuve, as well as the British Damon Hill in the second half of the 90s.

This is the historical ranking of championships in Formula 1

1.-Scuderia Ferrari-

2.-Williams F1-




8.-Cooper Climax-

10.- Tyrell-

13.- Maserati-

14.- Matra-


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