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These are the most notorious and controversial divorces in football: is Piqu’s next?

Throughout its history, the world of football has left several marriages and couples that have become controversial due to the media in their separations, so in CLEAR BRAND we remind you of the most notorious marriages for their separation, where Piqu’s with Shakira could be added.

The possible breakdown of this marriage with two children could occur due to an alleged infidelity on the part of the Barcelona player.

What are the most expensive divorces in football?

One of the most notorious and that even millions of euros were handled was that of the French footballer Thierry Henry with the model Claire Merry, who stopped being a couple in 2008 and The marriage was very expensive for both of them, especially for the Barcelona attacker at the time.

What separations in football shocked the world?

Without a doubt, the race Diego Armando Maradona was very controversial off the pitch, there was the controversial divorce with Claudia Villafae, where the woman declared that the ’10’ was unfaithful to her.

In addition to Maradona, a relationship that was very mediatic was that of Iker Casillas with Sara Carbonero, where they ended their relationship by mutual agreement.

What divorces of Mexican soccer players have had an impact?

Rafa Márquez and Jaydy Michel staged a very famous divorce, where the Mexican actress and the Aztec player announced a very controversy when the defender was playing in Barcelona.

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