These are the players with the most assists in football history

There are barely two active players found on this list March 15, 2022 8:20 p.m. Soccer players always try to become the team's top scorers,

There are barely two active players found on this list

March 15, 2022 8:20 p.m.

players always try to become the team’s top scorers, as this gives them greater prominence within the institution and among the fans. However, there is a role that is just as important and sometimes tends to be forgotten as they are not responsible for the goal, and it is precisely the one that generates the assistance for the goal.

Some of these players are among the best supporters in the world, because every weekend they dazzled European football and, in particular, the fans of their teams, since they were important pieces to achieve victory.

An interesting point is that only one of these players, only two of them are active as professional players, since the rest retired from the sport several years ago.

Here are the top five attendees in history:

(193 assists): The Brazilian dedicated himself from the beginning of his career to making assists of all kinds, especially during his internship at FC Barcelona, ​​where he achieved the highest number of this record by making a key with Lionel Messi and Luis Suárez.

Figo (197 assists): The historic Portuguese player is one of the most recognized and loved in history, not only for his great assists, but also for his ability to reach the area and score a goal.

(237 assists): The Englishman is regarded as one of the most impressive forehands European football has seen, possessing a technique that was envied by many. However, his ability to attend helped him to enter this select group.

Ryan Giggs (259 assists): The Welsh footballer is one of the top assisters in the Premier League. He played for 24 seasons in a row with Manchester United and played 672 games in England.

Lionel Messi (352 assists): The Argentine is the king of assists in football history. Over the years he became more of a passer than a scorer, something he achieved thanks to the support of the stars who supported him at FC Barcelona and now at Paris Saint Germain.