They are the cheapest in Formula 1

Published: Saturday, December 25, 2021 1

In the season in which for the first time in the ‘Great Circus’ a budget limit of 150 million dollars (about 132 million euros) has been established prior to the regulatory change that will take place in 2022, Alpine has been the great beneficiary.

The French team, with Fernando Alonso and Esteban Ocon at the helm, has been the team that has spent the least money in terms of repairs throughout the 22 races that the Formula 1 calendar has had.

With a total expenditure of 38.8 million euros among the ten formations, Haas has been the team that has spent the most (6.7 million) with Mick Schumacher (4.2 ‘kilos) as the rider that has meant the most money to your team.

Following the American team are Ferrari (5.8), Williams (4.9), Red Bull (4.8), Mercedes (4), AlphaTauri (3.7), Aston Martin (3.4), Alfa Romeo (2.8), McLaren (2.2) and Alpine (0.6).

At the same time, in terms of spending per driver, behind Schumacher are Charles Leclerc (4), Max Verstappen (3.9), Nicholas Latifi (3.1), Valtteri Bottas (2.7), Lance Stroll (2.7) , Yuki Tsunoda (2.6), Nikita Mazepin (2.5), Kimi Räikkönen (1.9), George Russell (1.8), Carlos Sainz (1.8), Lando Norris (1.5), Lewis Hamilton (1.3), Pierre Gasly (1.1), Sergio Pérez (0.9), Antonio Giovinazzi (0.8), Daniel Ricciardo (0.7), Sebastian Vettel (0.7), Esteban Ocon ( 0.3) and Fernando Alonso (0.3).

It should be noted that this type of expense is essential for the future performance of the teams since all that they have saved will go to the developments of the 2022 cars.