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They coexist in the Tecnika Golf Tournament, in La Primavera

A great day full of camaraderie and healthy competition took place during the Tecnika Golf Tournament for the celebration of its 39 years.

Participants from Nuevo León, Mexico City, Jalisco, Durango and Sinaloa gathered at the La Primavera field, where they sought to win one of the prizes from a purse that exceeded one million pesos.

Gildardo Gastélum Gallardo, founding manager of Tecnika, was accompanied at the event by Daniel Arellano, deputy general manager of the company.

The tournament had five categories, which were divided into two groups.

Regarding the prizes of the bag, they were distributed in the following way: The first place of the O’yes took 50 thousand pesos; the second got 30 thousand; 25 thousand for the third; the fourth won 20 thousand; 15 thousand for the fifth place, as well as equipment to practice golf.

Gildardo Gastélum Gallardo and Daniel Arellano also thanked all the sponsors who made the tournament possible.

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