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They hold a seminar on the maintenance of soccer, baseball and golf fields

The Technical Vice Minister of Sports, Mr. Elvis Duarte, participated as a guest in the seminar on maintenance of football, baseball and golf fields held in Punta Cana last Saturday, May 28. He congratulated the initiative and considered that it will help the development of the disciplines and the better preparation of its athletes throughout the country.

The activity was in Barcelo Bavaro Grand Resort and had other issues. After the registration of the participants, there was a conference by Toby Clarke, International Director of Dennis & Sisis. Special machinery for the improvement of sports fields.

Also Field Technician and machinery maintenance, for Marcelo Jaramillo; demonstration in the field Dennis machinery and field demonstration the Sisis machinery.

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“This will allow athletes to have better spaces for the development of their activities, with better preparation when presenting themselves in the international market, where, in baseball, we have excellent representation in the United States, Japan, Mexico and Korea,” he said. Duarte.

Importance of sports fields

The Corales golf course and Punta Cana Resort. File, Archive.

“Our football has players in the First Division in Europewhere the best events of the discipline are held and in South America alike and in golf we are advancing, every year we have several tournaments in different categories and our country has been considered for stops of the PGA”. He pointed to the Vice Minister of Sports.

He pointed out that the thrust of these sports requires that the practice fields be in the best conditions. So he considered the focus of the seminar well directed.

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The Technical Vice Minister of Sports, Mr. Duarte, is of the opinion that with these machines we will have better construction and maintenance of sports surfaces. So regular care of the field grass, “which helps the longevity, health and safety of Dominican athletes.”

In that order, he highlighted that the exhibitors presented interactive tools for the design and maintenance of the structure. Also, the measurements and colors that football, baseball, golf and athletic fields need.

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