They launch the first soccer tournament in the metaverse with a prize in cryptocurrencies

With three months to go World Cup Qatar 2022 Qatar, the Argentines are already throbbing the exit to the field of the National Te

With three months to go World Cup Qatar 2022 Qatar, the Argentines are already throbbing the exit to the field of the National Team. Likewise, football can also be enjoyed in other spaces. It is the case of which as of this Tuesday, August 23, began its first soccer tournament and offers cryptocurrency reward for winners.

Soccer tournaments in terms of gaming are among the main sporting events that attract a huge number of fans around the world, and in this case it is the platform the one that will allow those interested to put together their own team to compete.

The competition started this Tuesday.

Consecrated players such as the goalkeeper of the National Team Emiliano “Dibu” MartinezArsenal F.C. midfielder Thomas Partey and the Real Madrid star Daniel Carvajalamong others, have already announced their participation in the game.

The tournaments will have multiple editions with matches that will be played against the game’s own artificial intelligence and will be played every Tuesday at 5 in the morning (Argentina time), ending on Mondays at the same time.

The winners will be those who add more points in each edition. If two or more teams are tied, the first tiebreaker will be decided on goal difference. And in case of having the same goal difference, the winner will be the one with the most goals scored.

“MetaSoccer is achieving something very interesting, which is taking three large ecosystems like those of the soccer, gaming and blockchain, and take them in turn, to the new ecosystem of the metaverses. Now take the next step and consolidate the esports format with tournaments. Electronic sports are video games taken to a competitive level, which end up forming and strengthening communities around a given project. We have much to see and expect from this project of NFT Gaming“, explained César Vidal Scasso, President of the Electronic and Electromechanical Sports Association of Argentina (ADEEMA).

Besides the cryptocurrency reward As a jackpot, each edition will have special prizes. The same rewards will be for participation in the tournament and will be distributed the following Monday, at the end of that week’s edition, both in the of the game $MSClike in $MSUand its amount will depend on the division in which the team plays, increasing according to its level of difficulty.

Earnings are not only distributed to the top five teams, but also go up to 15th, depending on the division you play in. The complete list of rewards, according to the division, will be detailed on the platform of MetaSoccer Summer League.

In case there are several groups in a division, the rewards will be distributed in each case, according to the results of the edition. This means, for example, that if there are 2 groups in the Amateur division, the rewards will be allocated to each group, so there will be 2 first place rewards, 2 second place rewards, and so on.

How to sign up for the first soccer tournament in the metaverse

Those who are interested in participating in the first football tournament should iGo to the official MetaSoccer site and click on the “Join“.

The initiative manages to combine football, gaming and blockchain.

It must have a team of 11 to 16 players (NFTs), and as many teams as you want can register. The selected alignment can be edited before the start of each edit, but not during the edit.

Once the competition is over, players can be changed for the following week. It will also be allowed to enter an edition that has already started, and to participate from that day until the following Sunday.

Given the impossibility of changing the line-up during an edition, the teams will have to be attentive to the selected players, since if they are listed on the market and are sold during the edition, they may not be able to play more games, in case they do not count. with the 11 players necessary to participate.