they paid millions for them and every time they enter they lose

Front page " The biggest football scams: they paid millions for them and every time they enter they lose

Front page ” The biggest football scams: they paid millions for them and every time they enter they lose

To say that in football some teams are cheated by how inflated the market is, is not a weak argument. In some cases, players succeed in minor clubs, sell them for astronomical figures and end up not performing in the elite. However, there are some that are not worth that much money, did not earn anything and are also valued unjustly.

Manchester United, Barcelona, ​​​​Chelsea, among other clubs, have suffered from this evil. But how can you compete at this height? The most powerful in Europe know that with large investments it is possible to match the level of the best. Sometimes it goes well, as is happening to Real Madrid at present, in others not so much. The same ‘Merengue’ experienced it at the time of Luis Figo and Beckham.

The biggest scams in football recently

harry maguire

The Englishman who measures Harry Maguire, 29 years old and 1.94 meters tall, is the most overrated defender in history. He cost Manchester United 87 million euros and so far has only given the fans headaches.

Jack Grealish

Another Englishman who shone at Aston Villa, promoted the club to the first division, became a player of the people and ended up leaving for 100 million euros. His life since he arrived at Manchester City was related more to partying and alcohol than on the pitch and he featured very little in the Premier League title.

Kepa Arrizabalaga

The most expensive goalkeeper in the history of football, the Basque Kepa went from Bilbao to Chelsea for 80 million euros. Today, he is not even a starter and the London team won the Champions League once Éduoard Mendy took the title with Thomas Tuchel. Now, will he be able to get the job out of the Senegalese with the new DT Graham Potter?

Romelu Lukaku

The Belgian is the footballer for whom the most money has been spent on transfers. He has only been able to shine with Inter Milan and Everton so far in his extensive career. It was thought that it could be the definitive success for him with Chelsea in the season that passed, but he could not. They paid 113 million and had to return it on loan.

What they have spent on Lukaku in his entire career. Chelsea bought him for 15 million in 2011, Everton bought him for 35 in 2014. Manchester United paid the ‘Toffees’ 84.7 million in 2017. In 2019, the ‘Red Devils’ gave him to Inter for 74 kilos ‘, two years later he returned to Chelsea for 113 million, did not succeed in the first year and returned to Italy on loan for 8 million, without a purchase option for one year.