they want the NBA bombshell of the year

Several teams from NBA Th

Several teams from NBA They had disappointing campaigns in the last season and as a result their best players have many doubts about staying in these franchises. First it was LeBron James who expressed his dissatisfaction with the Los Angeles Lakers, even considering a transfer, later it was Kevin Durant who put the Brooklyn Nets on alert after the horrifying campaign signed by the New York teambut now it is Donovan Mitchell who has already decided to leave behind his passage through Utah Jazz.

The star of the coaching team by Will Hardywho has recently taken over from Quin Snyder At the head of the bench, he seems to be very unhappy with the planning that the board is carrying out and has uncovered his interest in changing the scene, especially knowing that there are many teams in the league interested in hiring his services. It is true that Mitchell has a contract until 2024 and that his salary is not unworthy, which exceeds 30 million net per year, but the decision seems firm and now it only remains to be seen what his next destination is.

Precisely here is where the importance of these lines lies since, despite the fact that the Knicks have been the first to show full interest in signing the player from 26 years, ManiacsNBA has revealed that both the Lakers and the Nets have also entered the bidding for who is considered one of the best players in the league. Both teams need to incorporate players who really guarantee a superlative performance to avoid crises throughout the season like the ones experienced the previous year.

In the case of the California team, only LeBron performed at the expected level on a regular basis and neither Russell Westbrook nor Anthony Davis were the gold squires that everyone expected in the Crypto.com Arenaso the interest in Donovan Mitchell is more than justified.

For their part, the Nets also experienced a roller coaster of emotions and, Although Steve Nash and Joe Tsai promised them very happily at the beginning of the course with Harden, Durant and Irving on the roster, only the Washington-born shooting guard performed optimallysomething that was not enough to fight for the Ring.

Now, both want to sign the great bombing of the summer market to prevent the ghosts of the past from having a presence again and ensure the team is in contention for the NBA title in 2023.