This is how Molpeceres’s son-in-law wanted to win his father-in-law

The strange concession of the Valle de las Cañas sports center continues to bring a tail. This municipal facility was transferred by the Pozuelo

The strange concession of the Valle de las Cañas sports center continues to bring a tail. This municipal facility was transferred by the Pozuelo de Alarcón City Council back in 2009 with more than advantageous conditions to the company GRAND SLAM 5. This company is currently in the hands of José López-Maeso, a former minister of Joaquín Molpeceres, a businessman investigated in the Lezo operation. This sports center is also in the hands of the Molpeceres grandchildren who, even knowing that they still do not fulfill some points of the awarded contract, have decided to resurrect one of their grandfather’s dreams, which consists of the construction of a golf course equipped with changing rooms.

The contract was clear: the company that was awarded the contract had to build a swimming pool for the residents of Pozuelo. However, more than a decade after the award there is no such facility. In fact, according to a document accessed by MONCLOA.com, José López-Maeso wanted to build a golf course and changing rooms in the space where the outdoor pools were to be built.

Vox populi is Joaquín Molpeceres’s fondness for golf. He defines himself as a golfer and has always been committed to promoting this sport on a social level. In fact, the businessman investigated in the Lezo case was one of the forerunners of Madrid as a candidate to host the 2018 Ryder Cup. Likewise, Molpeceres has come to project various golf courses throughout the Community of Madrid to finally build one in Tres Cantos thanks to the approval of the team of Robert von Hagge, the world’s most famous golf course architect. Although he tried it through his successors in Valle de las Cañas, it was the Tricantine city that ended up building the practice field.

In this way, Pozueleños’ dream of having swimming pools in the López-Maeso compound has remained on paper despite being one of the requirements included in the award contract. The Pozuelo City Council itself has recognized that this point has not been fulfilled, which it tried to be eliminated during a commission to project a golf course, curiously Joaquín Molpeceres’ favorite sport.


The excellent conditions in which this sports center was delivered to the Lezo heirs are numerous: only one thousand euros of rent, 40 years of concession and various indemnities over the years to cover the wear and tear of the sports facility. According to a document to which this media has had access, López-Maeso has requested numerous public aid to improve the facilities of the sports center. Among them is the request of 20,000 public euros for the installation of sun tarps or 180,000 euros to cover the paddle tennis courts, among other issues. There is no doubt that Valle de las Cañas has been a gold mine for its owners and this profit, thanks to the municipal council, has alerted the residents.

Members of the opposition have publicly denounced the situation of the contract. MONCLOA.com has contacted the PSOE spokesperson in Pozuelo, Angel González Bascuñana on this matter and the councilor has criticized the “laziness in functions” that the municipal corporation is having about this public contract. “They are not doing a good management, they have to demand that the employer comply with the contract and must build the swimming pools since there are many residents in Pozuelo who do not have a swimming pool,” González Bascuñana points out while calling the price “scandalous” The heirs of Molpeceres pay for the rent. And it is that from the PSOE they assure that The councilor who signed the contract is Nacho Costa who, curiously, has also been appointed advisor of the City Council of Pozuelo.

“They are not doing a good management, they have to demand the employer to fulfill the contract”

But not only the PSOE has denounced this advantageous contract at least for its owner. The group We are from Pozuelo and Vox have also advocated for a termination of the contract. After years of enrichment thanks to the municipal coffers, the heirs of Joaquín Molpeceres have in Valle de las Cañas the perfect business with which to fill their pockets for the next decades.