This is how the sports complex prepared by the NBA School in Madrid is going

Just 20 minutes from Madrid, in the municipality of Villaviciosa de Odón, is the complex of ESC LaLiga&NBA, a pioneering spac

Just 20 minutes from Madrid, in the municipality of Villaviciosa de Odón, is the complex of ESC LaLiga&NBA, a pioneering space in educational and sports development in Spain. Still under construction, its work environment is observed, with many of the installations in their final phase. In its access through the entrance of works, it is contemplated what will be the buildings of common areas and residences for the 450 athletes that the complex hopes to host, which is inspired by the concept of ‘Olympic village’.

And although the LaLiga territory hopes to open on August 1, the NBA venue will have to wait until the beginning of 2023. The pavilion works are now beginning their initial phase to arrive at the beginning of the year with a basketball complex more prepared than ever for the future.

In what is now 2,800 square meters of esplanade, an elite pavilion is expected with three FIBA ​​regulation courts (1 central court plus two others around it). You can also have 3×3 courts outside, giving the complex a complete basketball experience. But not only that, the court will be fully equipped. Additionally, the track will have built-in bleachers along the length of the pitch. Some stands that could hold up to 5,000 people.

You will get the most out of the building, there will be a walkable roof, giving the option of creating another track on the sun terrace. It can be accessed through the external lifts that the pavilion will provide, thus becoming the first pavilion in Europe with external lifts. And it is that it will be prepared in view of the organization of events and competitions.

There will not be an equal complex in the continent. It is expected to make the most of what is going to be a space to form and develop projects. The objective is to seek the growth of athletes for the future, with top-level coaches that the NBA will provide and with internal trainers from the residence, always trying to give the American model of sports and educational training with which NBA players are trained.

The project as a whole has required an investment of 35 million euros and has a combined value of 80 million. It is, without a doubt, a commitment to the development of training projects for the future, with teams adapted to the new times and with an unrivaled basketball project.

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