This is the scoring system in F1

During a Formula 1 Grand Prix, both drivers and teams try to score as many points as possible. The rider who has achieved the most points at the e

During a Formula 1 Grand Prix, both drivers and teams try to score as many points as possible. The rider who has achieved the most points at the end of the season is crowned world champion.


1. How does the scoring system work?

Here is a table that shows how many points are achieved for each position:

  • First: 25 points

  • Second: 18 points

  • Third: 15 points

  • Fourth: 12 points

  • Fifth: 10 points

  • Sixth: 8 points

  • Seventh: 6 points

  • Eighth: 4 points

  • Ninth: 2 points

  • Tenth: 1 point

It may be the case that the driver who has won the most races is not the world champion because another has achieved a higher score at the end of the season, based on consistently achieving good results.

Since 2019, there is another way to score points: by doing the fastest lap of the race. If you make the fastest lap and finish in the top ten, you get an extra point. It may not seem like much, but it is enough to have one point more than your rival at the end of the season to proclaim yourself world champion.


3. What happens if two drivers finish the World Championship level on points?

It can happen that two drivers have the same number of points, but it does not mean that there are two world champions. In case of equality of points, the one with the most victories will be crowned. If they are also tied in the number of wins, the number of second places will be taken into account. If they are still tied, the third places are looked at and so on. There is no possibility of a tie, there will always be a champion.

Never in the history of Formula 1 the first and second of the World Championship have had the same number of points after a whole season.


4. Has the title ever been decided by a single point?

Eight times the champion has won the World Cup with only one point difference. In 2007, Kimi Räikkönen was proclaimed world champion by a point ahead of Lewis Hamilton. A year later, Hamilton took the title by adding a point more than Felipe Massa. In 1984 the difference between the first and the second was half a point because a race was finished without having covered 75 percent of the distance, in those cases half points are awarded.


5. What is the Constructors’ Championship and how does it work?

In Formula 1 there are two championships: one for drivers and the other for teams. The Team Championship is called the Constructors’ Championship. The scoring system is the same as that of the pilots, only the points of the two riders in the squad are added together.

Example: In 2021 Max verstappen and Czech Pérez are the Red Bull Racing drivers, the sum of the points obtained by both riders will be the total of Red Bull Racing points.


6. What happens if a driver changes teams during the season?

A rider takes his points when he changes teams, but his old team keeps the points earned until the change. For example, in 2016 Max switched from Toro Rosso to Red Bull for the season. Toro Rosso kept the points that Max got in the first races of the year with his car. But from the moment the Dutchman drove the Red Bull Racing car, he added points for that team’s constructors’ championship. Regarding the Drivers’ Championship, it does not matter which team you compete with, the points obtained in each Grand Prix are added.


7. Who is the current world champion?

In the case of drivers, Lewis Hamilton was crowned world champion for the seventh time in 2020. This makes him one of the most successful riders in history, tied with the great Michael Schumacher, who also won seven championships.

In 2020 Mercedes took the Constructors’ Championship thanks to the points achieved by Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas.

It’s time for Max to turn the tables and become the new world champion!