This Saturday new mixed boxing and K1 evening in Larraintzar

Next Saturday, December 4, starting at 7:00 p.m., the Larraintzar Frontón will host a mixed evening, in which the attending public will be able to

Next Saturday, December 4, starting at 7:00 p.m., the Frontón will host a mixed , in which the attending public will be able to see ten fights, six of and four of .

All eyes in the ultzamarra arena will be on the evening’s background fight within professional boxing at the weight of 65 kilos, where the Navarrese Ander “Argala” Amatriain will have to refine a lot to keep his loss record against him at zero. Liberian based in Mallorca, Gadatamen “La Mamba Negra” Taylor.

The remaining five fights will be amateur boxing and will also give rise to very interesting duels, such as the one between the Kanku fighter, the mocking Jon Cárdenas and the Mampo Gym from Bilbao, Iker “El Txino” Morón.

They will complete the poster:
54.5 kilos: Raúl Carvajal (Kanku) vs Alex García (Mampo Gym)
73 kilos: Dani Eito (Kanku) vs Adur Barquin (Rochapea)
81 kilos: Mario San Martín (Dojo Hiryukan) vs Izan Lakuntza (Adaka)
91 kilos: Xabier Basabe (Kanku) vs Guillermo Bonet (Dojo Hiryukan)

Rematch in K1

With regard to this discipline, two fights are the ones that will monopolize the spotlight in the Ultzamarra arena. The first one, in the category of 64 kilos of weight, will measure the Kanku fighter, Izan Ibiriku, with the Kuraia Fight Club fighter from San Sebastian, Joanes “Rapidillo” Ezeiza; in what will mean the revenge of the fight that will face them just a week before at the Frontón Aritzbatalde de Zarautz within the K1 Basque Country festival.

The second will be in the category of 82 kilos of weight and will have two contenders who “are not handicapped either”, because in one corner the Berriozartarra, Ander Oloritz will appear and in the opposite corner another of the representatives of the Kuraia Fight Club, the San Sebastian , Brais Sánchez.

The K1 menu will be completed with these last two dishes, the fight in 65 kilos of Hegoi Olite (Dojo Hiryukan) against Moha Tayebi (Rajasi Team) and the fight between Jon Larraza, from Kanku Burladés and Yoel Teixeira, from the Rajasi Team of Peralta , with the Navarrese Championship of 71 kilos at stake.