this will be his role in 2022

Published: Thursday, December 23, 2021 1

Between Haas and Ferrari. The very young Mick Schumacher takes another step in his Formula 1 career. Because next season he will not only be a Haas driver, but also a Ferrari driver as a tester.

The team made it official on Wednesday night by the hand of Mattia Binotto: “We must not forget that he is already a Ferrari driver. He is part of the Ferrari Driver Academy and, as we repeat, this academy exists to identify future Ferrari drivers” .

Therefore, Schumacher will be part of the ‘Scuderia’ although behind Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz, the two starters one more season in Maranello.

And the German will not have it easy in the short term. More considering that Ferrari is already working on the renewal of Sainz, with a contract until the end of 2022.

The Spanish rider spoke about it in ‘Jugones’: “We will reach an agreement because I believe that both parties are happy.”

The next course will be key for the future in F1. Hitting this regulation change could mean dominance on the track for years to come. And that is something that Ferrari cannot pass up.

The team works in the medium term. Not only in performance, but also in its pilots. That is why the decision with Mick, aware that they could be facing a driver who makes a difference in Formula 1 in the coming years.