Three Cubans in the final of the boxing World Cup

Havana, Nov 4 (ACN) .— With their respective triumphs today, Cubans Yoenlis Hernández (75 kgs), Andy Cruz (63.5) and Julio César La Cruz (92 kgs)

Havana, Nov 4 (ACN) .— With their respective triumphs today, Yoenlis Hernández (75 kgs), (63.5) and Julio César La Cruz (92 kgs) secured silver medals and a pass to the grand final of the Belgrade-based , Serbia.

On the tarpaulin of the Stark Arena, and in the afternoon poster, Yoenlis Feliciano from agramontino middleweight did not leave any room for doubt and beat Italian Salvatore Cavallaro 5-0 (quadruple 30-27, 30-26), supported by the use of its powerful jab combined with his straight right to the upper body of the rival. For the gold, he will face the Russian Dzhambulat Bizhamov tomorrow.

Meanwhile, on the nightly poster, the two-time world champion and Olympic gold medalist Andy Cruz showed his best boxing ABC and, with his speed of legs and hands, in addition to his precision in hitting, he won 5-0 (five times 30-27) to Armenian Hovhannes Bachkov, whom he had already surpassed in the 2019 Yekaterinburg world event. In pursuit of gold, he will face the Turkish Kerem Oezmen on Saturday.

And the four-time world champion and double Olympic starter Julio César La Cruz dominated at will the Uzbek Madiyar Saydrakhimov, whom he already defeated in Havana, in a poster of the World Boxing Series in 2018 when both competed in the 81 kilograms.

Now he repeated the dose of low guard, provocation and counterattack, to hit him from three distances and with all kinds of blows, to sign a favorable vote of 5-0 (triple 30-26 and double 30-27). In search of his fifth world title, the Cuban riposte ace will face the Italian Aziz Mouhiidine this Saturday.

Today there were two defeats for Cuba in the semifinal poster. Pinero Herich Ruiz (86) missed his blows a lot and lost 4-1 to Azerbaijani of Cuban origin Loren Alfonso, while Osvel Caballero (57) could not with the push of Kazakh Serik Temirzhanov. Both debutants in dating of the world, finished with an excellent bronze medal.

So far, Cuba has a balance of 24 victories and five defeats. (José Luis López Sado)