Tickets for the Davis Cup Finals go on sale at Carpena

Malaga began this Wednesday the sale of tickets for the crossover phase of the 2022 Davis Cup Finals, which will be held at the José María

Malaga began this Wednesday the of for the crossover phase of the 2022 Davis Finals, which will be held at the José María Martín Carpena Sports Palace between November 22 and 27.

With a 1,600 m2 canvas in the La Malagueta bullring with the message ‘Málaga, this Davis is for you’, the sale of seats began to welcome the eight teams that pass the group round that will take place between September 13 and 18 in four venues (Valencia, Glasgow, Hamburg and Bologna).

The capital of Costa del Sol will receive the first two of each of the groups, who will face each other in direct elimination rounds in a ‘Final 8’ format with the quarterfinals, semifinals and final, “which will allow the fans of those eight teams classified can plan the trip to Malaga in advance to support their team”, explains Enric Rojas, CEO of Kosmos Tennis.

Tickets, which are literally “flying” in these early hours, can be purchased through ‘daviscupfinals.com’ and in different packages. The ‘Full pass’ will give access to the entire competition; the ‘Weekend pass’ (‘Passe of Weekend), to a semifinal and to the end; and the ‘Semifinals Pack’ (‘Semifinals Package), to the two semifinals, in addition to other combined packages.

In addition, as indicated by Kosmos Tennis, more ‘premium’ options will be offered to enjoy the competition, such as the ‘Piste Boxes’which will be located at the two ends of the track and in the first rows of the Martín Carpena, with capacity for between six, seven and nine people, and which allows access to the seven sessions that are held over the six days that it lasts the Davis Cup.

There are also the ‘Suite boxes’located in the main ring of the venue “with an incomparable and exclusive view of the track” and with capacity between 12, 14 and 40 people, and an anteroom with the possibility of serving snacks and drinks.

The guests who access these locations will be able to enjoy ‘The 1900 Club’, the exclusive ‘hospitality’ of the Davis, whose name refers to the first edition of this legendary competition, and which will offer a gastronomic experience to the guests.