Tiger Woods confirms that he will play golf again, but in a different way

Tiger Woods is going to play golf again. Yes, he is going to play competitive golf again. Yes, you have be

Tiger Woods is going to play golf again. Yes, he is going to play competitive golf again. Yes, you have between eyebrows and eyebrows to give yourself the opportunity to feel again the incomparable sensation of winning. The million dollar question is answered. World golf smiles. Tiger has confirmed it in an exclusive interview with Golf digest, the first granted since the very serious car accident that he suffered last February.

Tiger Woods is going to play again, yes, but with nuances. Nuances that are very important. In fact, it takes out of the equation the possibility of having a full tournament schedule like in the old days. Of that, nothing. He will play, but only once in a while, as he did in his day Ben hogan. “I think it is somewhat realistic to think that I will play on the Tour one day, never full time, never again, but choosing here and there some tournaments, just like Mr. (Ben) Hogan did. I’ll pick a few tournaments a year and compete, ”Woods said during a Zoom interview with Henni Koyack from his home in South Florida.

Tiger Woods has assumed his new competitive reality. “I practice knowing that and I prepare for it. I think this is how I’m going to have to play from now on. It is a sad reality, but it is my reality. I understand it and I accept it ”, he assures with that enormous capacity for acceptance and adaptation that he has shown all his life.

Tiger is clear now that the world and life does not end in golf, although he did not always think that way. “I don’t need to compete and play against the best players in the world to have a great life. After my fusion operation on my back I had to climb the Everest one more time. I had to and I did. This time I don’t think I have the body to climb Everest and I assume it. Mind you, I can still play golf. I can still, if my leg is okay, click on a tournament here or there. But when it comes to climbing the mountain again and getting to the top, I don’t think that’s realistic. “

Tiger confesses that there were moments after the accident when he thought he was going to lose his right leg. “I would say that I was at fifty percent. I came very close to walking out of the hospital on one leg. Once I knew that I had both legs, I asked my girlfriend and my friends to throw things at me to know that I also had good hands.

One of the first memories Tiger has after the accident is asking for a golf club to play while in hospital bed. There he began a rehabilitation process that included three months in a hospital-type bed at home. Next, a wheelchair. She then went on to use crutches, allowing her to regain independence and move of her own free will.

“Adding that part to my daily life was very rewarding because I was trapped in a house. Okay, it’s a pretty nice house that I’ve built for myself, but I hadn’t been able to do what I like best: I love going out and just being outside in the garden. Now, there are times when I just go outside and lie on the grass for an hour because I want to be there, to feel it. Missing hitting a golf ball correctly is one of the best feelings there is.

Regarding his recovery, Tiger is optimistic, but knowing that there is still a lot of time and work ahead of him. You have to be patient. “There is a lot left. I’m not even halfway there I still have a lot of muscle and nerve capacity to regain in my leg. At the same time, as you know, I had five back operations. So I have to deal with it. So, as the leg gets stronger, sometimes the back can say here I am… It’s a tough road. But I’m happy that I can go out and watch Charlie play, or go to the backyard and spend an hour or two alone with no one talking, no music, nothing. I only hear the song of the birds. That part that I have missed so much.