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By José Alejandro Rodríguez In a very close fight from start to finish, the Matanzas boxer Andy Cruz (134-8) managed to close the Uzbek fighter Mu

By José Alejandro Rodríguez

In a very close fight from start to finish, the Matanzas boxer Andy Cruz (134-8) managed to close the Uzbek fighter Mujibillo Tursunov (10-4) in his 2021 World Boxing quarterfinal match and moved even closer to the discussion of the crown in his 63.5 kg division.

Andy beat Tursunov by split decision 3-2 (30-27, 28-29, 29-28, 28-29 and 30-27) guaranteeing at least one bronze medal in the contest that takes place in the Stark Arena of the Belgrade city, capital of Serbia.

The man from Matanzas encountered stiff resistance from the Uzbek, who despite his little experience stood up nicely against the Antillean Olympic and world champion, who had to use all his experience and expertise to defeat him.

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Andy started in front in the first round with a riot of technique on the ring, consistent hitting, good defense and accepting Tursunov’s challenge to fight almost incessantly, an attitude that was rewarded by the five judges. However, in the second round, with similar actions on the ring, the Uzbek was hitting a little more and, in the opinion of this editor, he deserved a little more in the referees’ ballots, as only two saw him win by three at Cuban.

In the goodbye round, Turzunov did not stop looking for victory at any time and took the benefit of the jury in three of the ballots, but the final result of the fight seemed already doomed from the intermediate round.

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Actually, Andy beat his opponent without a doubt, but given the difference in class and experience, one could expect a better presentation of the best Cuban boxer today and one of the best in the world. Per, after all, made it through the quarter round, advanced to the semi-final, and had a total of at least $ 25,000 in his coffers.

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In his next fight, for the pass to the final of the division, Andy will be facing the Thai Somchay Wongsuwan (19-15) next Thursday, November 2, a rival that seems easy for the Cuban but who has had a good event and his momentum can be dangerous.

With this victory, Cuba added its 19th success in the World Cup with only three defeats and has already secured four bronze medals, surpassing in the total of medals and the performance of the previous appointment in Yekaterinburg, Russia, in 2019, where it obtained three, but one of each color.

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Today, Cuba lost the Camagüey Kevin Brown (68-23) in the 67 kg and in addition to Andy, the also Agramontino came out with flying colors Yoenlis Hernandez (41-12) of the 75 kg, the pinero Herich ruiz (12-10) of the 86 kg and the Mayabequense Osvel knight (48-19) of the 57 kg, all guaranteeing the bronze medal in their respective weights.

Without further ado, here I leave you with the fight of Andy Cruz (63.5 kg) in the quarterfinals. Full swing will continue to give full coverage to the results of Cuban boxers in this event and all the information you can find in this link