Tom Felton (‘Harry Potter’) reappears after his collapse playing golf

It's okay! Yes, we started the article like this because we do not want you to think that Tom felton something serious has happened

It’s okay! Yes, we started the article like this because we do not want you to think that something serious has happened to you after pass out while he was playing golf. With his inseparable guitar in hand and looking quite rested, the actor thanked everyone for their support and claimed to be on the road to recovery.

Fans of Tom felton have been very concerned about your health after the actor passed out last Thursday during a golf tournament between celebrities which was taking place in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, as part of this year’s Ryder Cup.

The unforgettable Draco Malfoy from ‘ was competing with retired athletes such as hockey players Teemu Selänne and Mike Eurzione and skater Dan Jansen when collapsed on the 18th hole and was quickly assisted by the rest of those present. Although he soon regained consciousness, he had to be assisted by several people to get up and walk to one of the carts used to move around the field, where they laid him on a stretcher before setting off.

From the PGA Tour organization, the main American circuit for men’s professional golf, it was only reported that the actor suffered a medical problem and had to be transferred to a local hospital for treatment. At the moment no more details have been made public about what happened and it seems that the actor will not give many more details about it. Furthermore, this incident occurred shortly after the actor’s 34th birthday.

Well, he will have already turned 34, but for us (and for all fans of the most magical film saga), he will always remain that hateful Slytherin student who did so badly in the movies. Therefore, we were excited when a few months ago she wanted to congratulate Emma Watson with a photo of both of them as children that brought us very good memories.

In fact, if we’re honest, we remember the time when she, our eternal Hermione, he said until he had a crush for him. It was 2012 and since then a lot of things have happened (and most of us are sure we haven’t even heard about it). And all because she likes the bad guys and he, apparently, at the time had a skateboard …