Top-level women’s football brings its preseason to the city of Cuenca

8/1/2022 · Miguel A. Ramón 'Cuenca, city of sports preseason' is the name of the initiative of the Cuenca Football Unionwhich has the sup

8/1/2022 · Miguel A. Ramón

‘Cuenca, of sports ‘ is the name of the initiative of the Cuenca Unionwhich has the support of City hall through the Tourism Sustainability Plan and that it is going to to the capital for the time four of the best soccer teams in the Women’s First Division.

Atletico , Levante UD, Madrid CFF and CF will pass through the capital of Cuenca during their preseason, which will allow the public to enjoy the best women’s football in two games, to be played next August 7 and 13 at the La Fuensanta stadium from 7:00 p.m.and, in addition, with free entrance. A stay in the city that will also allow the soccer players not only from the black and white , but all those interested, to hold a meeting with these top- players and share concerns.

An initiative that has been presented this Monday in the Consistory of Cuenca with the presence of the Councilors for Tourism and Sports, Miguel Ángel Valero and Charo Rodríguez, respectively, next to director of the Base Football School of the Cuenca Balompédica Union, Sergio Blancoand the coach of the black and white quarry, Jesús Pérez.

All of them have agreed to highlight the relevance of this initiative, which, in Valero’s opinion, is not only important for the projection and promotion that it will entail for the city as a destination, but also for the opportunity it offers Cuenca’s soccer players to be close of great figures of Spanish women’s football. And it is that for the mayor of Tourism, the sports preseasons are an element that they intend to establish in the city and “if it is with women’s sports, much better”.

Hence, the City Council has supported this initiative with a total of 10,000 euros, through the Tourism Sustainability Plan, and openly talks about its continuity in the coming years, considering that it will benefit the city and the people of Cuenca.

For the director of the Escuela de Fútbol Base del , for his part, Cuenca is wonderful in many aspects, which is why it is important to offer it to this type of top-level teams. Not in vain, he hopes that this idea is the embryo so that in the future Cuenca becomes a target for these sports clubs.


In similar terms, the coach of the Balompédica academy has pronounced, who has also emphasized the opportunity that it represents not only for the girls of the black and white club, but for all those players from Cuenca who wish to be able to be close to professionals from the women’s football in the matches that are being organized. Something, in his opinion, that he can be very motivating.

For the moment, as Pérez has detailed, a meeting of the players of the Atletico Madrid for the next one August 7, around 1:00 p.m. at the Hotel Torremanganawhich can be attended not only by the girls of the Cuenca Soccer Schoolbut also to other schools or girls who want to attend.

Likewise, although it is not yet closed, work is being done on holding another contact the next day 13 in La Fuensantawithout being able to specify for now if it will consist of a training session for girls from Cuenca with the players of the women’s team of the Real Madrid and Levante or even a friendly match.

Lastly, the Councilor for Sports wanted to draw attention to the repercussion that this type of event can have for the promotion of the city, because, among other reasons, “these teams have a brutal impact on social networks, which will allow that Cuenca is going to be projected those days in an important way”.

For all these reasons, Rodríguez has invited all the people of Cuenca to visit La Fuensanta on August 7 and 13 to enjoy for free of the best women’s football in our country, while it is still a unique opportunity for “our children to have female sports references”.

for the party of day 7 between Atlético de Madrid and Alhama CFwhich will take place at 7:00 p.m., It is planned, as a tribute, that the kick-off will be carried out by the Cuenca player of the Spanish Futsal Team, Ana Lujánwhile for the match on the 13th at the same time between Madrid CFF and Levante UD, work is being done to pay another tribute to other athletes from Cuenca, not necessarily soccer players.

Two important events, therefore, the ones that are going to take place the next two weekends in La Fuensanta, which are well worth not being missed to enjoy the best Spanish women’s football.