Toros Manizales is back in American football

THE COUNTRY I Manizales American football seeks a place in the sport of Caldas. He does it with Toros Manizales, the team that was born six years


American seeks a place in the sport of Caldas. He does it with Toros Manizales, the team that was born six years ago with rubber bands from this discipline that seemed distant and as an alternative to watch on television.

Let Jaime Mejía say it, a Mexican who arrived in the city 23 years ago, stayed forever and has been its forger “At the end of the 90s, the idea took hold and Pumas de Bogotá and Lobos de Medellín were born, then we, Bulls”.

The pandemic was an obstacle, but they reactivated and now announce the Interregional. Toros will receive Broncos Bellos Antioquia today. The game will be at 8:30 in the morning at the University of Caldas.

The payroll

Players: Juan Diego Cáceres, Luis Eduardo Pérez, Alejandro Jiménez, Alejandro Mora, Juan Sebastián Bojacá, Alejandro Arbeláez, Jacobo Escobar, Sergio Gaviria, Jaime Esneider, Esteban Rincón, Carlos Salazar, Jhónatan Ospina, David Monroy, Juan Sebastián Méndez, Jorge Hernán Ramírez, Gabriel Ibargüen, Juan Manuel Tobón, Dylan González, Jhon Jairo Herrera, Andrés Arbeláez, Andrés Urrego, Mauricio Alba, Juan Andrés Orozco, Jeremy Tobón, Daniel Alejandro Giraldo, Juan David Triana, Jhon Édison Ramírez, Cristian López, Mateo Gutiérrez.

Technical: Jaime Mejia Gomez.

directors: President: Juan Diego Caseres Cardona; treasurer: Alejandro Jiménez Salgado; Secretary: Alejandro Arbeláez Serna.

female bulls

Vanessa Alvarez Bastidas, Paula Vinasco Motatto, María Fernanda Agudelo Valencia, Margarita Gallego Suárez, Daniela Escobar and Mónica Cardona Soto.

as a local

– Today: Toros Manizales – Broncos Bello.

– September 3: Bulls Manizales – Miners.

– September 18: Bulls Manizales – Malagana.

– October 23: Manizales Bulls – Vikings.

Basic rules

* The duration of a match is four quarters, with a duration of 15 minutes for each quarter.

* Each team has six timeouts. Three of them, during the first two quarters, and the other three in the last two.

* Scoring is one of the most confusing aspects for some viewers who are not very familiar with American football.


* Make a touchdown. It is worth six points and for this you have to enter the rival end zone with the ball under control and give an additional shot to sticks, in which you can add an additional point.

* Shot between sticks, which awards three points.

* 4 attempts to go at least 10 yards.

* The 4 downs is another aspect that is also necessary to explain for beginners. On each possession, teams have four attempts to go a minimum of 10 yards. They can do it through a pass or a run.

If they get past 10 yards, they have another four attempts to go ten more yards. If those 10 yards have not been achieved by the fourth attempt, the most common thing is to clear the ball so that the other team has a more difficult time.

Most common faults

* Regarding fouls, the most common are holding and pass interference.

* It depends on which side is whistled, they mean moving forward or backward in the field. Sometimes the infractions involve advancing to the line that had to be reached in a maximum of four attempts.

* When signaling fouls, the referees throw yellow handkerchiefs on the pitch and measures are taken at the end of the play, in case there is a possibility that the attacker may be harmed.