Transgender fighter in controversy after presentation

United States.- Mixed Martial Arts (MMA in its acronym in English), is one of the most complex and dangerous sports that exist on the planet, beca

United States.- (MMA in its acronym in English), is one of the most complex and dangerous sports that exist on the planet, because a bad blow, a hard key or a movement error could end the career and the very life of a fighter. , who undergoes harsh training to present an out-of-bounds contest inside the Octagon.

Even those who dare to fight know the risk they are going through but at the same time recognize the sports spirit, which must prevail on and off the battlefield. It also happens in recent days in the female branch, where a particular case begins to unleash controversy, after the way the confrontation ended.

And is that Alana McLaughlinAt 38 years old, she is a transgender fighter who decided to compete in MMA within the category for women. While she is remembered for being a former special forces sergeant of the and after her representation she decided to become a woman.

Alana McLaguhlin subdued Provost
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In her last fight she entered the combat zone against the French Celine provost, who could not continue after being gripped by the debutant in the Martial Arts Mitas. When he was left without possibilities, he submitted and his rival took the victory, impressing the MMA Universe, because Provost, with more than 10 years of experience, was easily defeated.

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Photo of Alana McLaguhlin as a man
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The Frenchwoman landed her best shots but it seems that they did not tickle McLaughlin, who in the last hours caused a surprise reaction by spreading a photograph of how he looked at his time in the US Army. A bulky physique, dangerous and so stereotyped that he was not unnoticed among those who could be his next opponents or even the experts.

In just one article Pierce Morgan wrote in the Dally Mail, he explained: “Regardless of his military history or his personal struggles growing up, none of this justifies what happened on Friday night.” Very quickly it became obvious that McLaughlin was too much. strong, and equally obvious that this force came from the 33 years he spent as a biological man, “reads his writing.

Alana McLaguhlin, MMA fighter
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From another angle, Ángel David Castro, one of the best known for his combat podcasts, said on Twitter: “Alana McLaughlin made the transition 5 years ago, which means that she lived 33 years of her life as a man. That night she fought and he hit a biological woman … what a surprise, “he said.

After the various negative comments that were made on social media, Alana McLaughlin manifested herself on her personal profile, accusing those who spoke out against her of transphobia after fighting against Celine Provost.

“I get a lot of variations of the same nasty messages calling me a cheater like I didn’t get hit for a round and a half. Everyone needs to show Celine Provost a little respect and take their trolling concern elsewhere. Transphobics are only getting stronger. my blocking hand, “he mentioned in the face of criticism.