tributes and the story of their debut

70 years after the first Formula

70 years after Juan Manuel Fangio's first Formula 1 title: tributes and the story of his debut

70 years after the first Formula 1 title of Juan Manuel Fangio, the remains of the Argentine driver will be transferred this Wednesday from the Balcarce cemetery to the Mausoleum of the Museum, in the same city, where all his cars and those of other prominent national and international motorsport drivers are also exhibited.

It will be a day in pure homage to Juan Manuel Fangio, who died in 1995. His remains will be transferred with a caravan that will visit several important sites in the driver’s career, and then there will be an exhibition of his cars and historical clubs at the Balcarce racetrack. .

The transfer of Fangio’s remains is part of a series of tributes that began this Tuesday in Mar del Plata and in Balcarce, to celebrate the 70 years of his first title achieved in the highest category of motorsport.

Yesterday, in Mar del Plata, the festivities began with a conference by the three-time champion of the category, the Scot Jackie stewart and of Horacio Pagani and Oreste Berta, who were declared “notable visitors” of the municipality of General Pueyrredón.

Then the seven-time champion Lewis hamilton He remembered it through a video made by the Mercedes Benz team. Hello to all the fans in Argentina. I hope everybody is fine. You have the chance to visit special places in the life of Juan Manuel Fangio, one of the most successful Mercedes Benz drivers. I hope you enjoy this experience, ”said the British rider.

The 45-second video shows images of different stages of Fangio in Formula 1, where he is also seen aboard the Mercedes that he drove in his passage through the German brand, with which he was champion in 1954 and 1955.

While the first drivers’ championship won by Fangio It was on October 28, 1951 with Alfa Romeo, the Balcarceño occupies a prominent place in the history of the firm for which Hamilton currently runs.

Juan Manuel Fangio’s debut in Formula 1

Juan Manuel Fangio debuted in Formula 1 in 1950, when the highest category of motorsports was born and established under the current name. In that same year, the “Chueco” obtained its first triumph with Alfa Romeo, in the Principality of Monte Carlo.

By 1951 skill led to Fangio to win his first F1 championship in an Alfa Romeo 159 by being crowned in Pedralbes, Spain, on October 28.

That day, the pilot arrived at the last date of the contest with two points of advantage over the Italian rider Alberto Ascari, his rival from Ferrari. After winning the tournament, the Balcarceño had to pay a great celebration bet on his opponent of the mythical Prancing Horse brand.

After achieving his first title, Fangio then he repeated his upcoming consecrations and became the only runner who emerged as champion with four different brands: Alfa Romeo (1951), Mercedes (1954 and 1955), Ferrari (1956) and Maserati (1957).