Trump buried Ivana on his golf course, why?

Chen the photos revealed that Ivan Trumpex-wife of Donald Trump, was laid to rest on a golf course owned by the former US president, with

Chen the photos revealed that Ivan Trumpex-wife of Donald Trump, was laid to rest on a golf course owned by the former US president, with some commentators expressing dismay at the austerity of her final resting place.

The place seemed quite frugal given the renowned ostentation of the deceased Ivan Trump. The grave is located in a remote corner of the grounds of the Bedminster golf course, owned by her ex-husband.

Social network users speculated on why Ivana was not buried in a graveyard. Some discovered what they say is the “real” reason for the location: that the state of New Jersey subsidizes cemeteries with tax breaks.

It was immediately assumed that Trump buried his ex wife in Bedminster for tax purposes.


The document that Treasury of New Jersey shared on the state’s tax laws says licensed “cemetery companies” can receive “tax exemptions because of the vital benefits cemeteries provide to public health and welfare.”

These tax reductions include “taxes on real property on land intended for burial grounds, income taxes, sales and use taxes, business taxes, and inheritance taxes.”

It continues: “Cemetery property is exempt from being sold for judgment collection. Cemetery trust funds and income from the escrow they are exempt from taxes and exempt from sale or seizure for the collection of judgments against the cemetery company.”

That last sentence is crucial because Trump Family Trust (Trump Family Trust) did have a cemetery company. This was authorized by the New Jersey State Cemetery Board in 2016.

documents shared with Newsweek by the New Jersey Attorney General’s Office show an “Application for Certificate of Authority from the New Jersey Cemetery Board.”

The request states that the graveyard proposed would be “family, private, and limited to ten parcels reserved for Donald Trump and members of his immediate family.”

In the document It reads: “…it is very likely that the object of the cemetery company is solely the operation, conservation and maintenance of the cemetery.”

There are sections on accounting of the company, and also about the donation of gifts.


states that a escrow, set up by the cemetery company, would receive “additional deposits (from the company)…as needed, through gifts made by Mr. Trump and his family and friends. These gifts will not be for the perpetual care of an individual plot, but for the maintenance and upkeep of the entire cemetery.”

A statement An additional accountant states that the trust could be expected to “grow between $200,684.71 and $8,646,030.95.”

A spokesman of the New Jersey Attorney General’s Office said, “In 2014, the Trump Family Trust (also known as TFT, Inc.) applied to the New Jersey State Cemetery Board for a certificate of authority to dedicate and operate a cemetery as company, in a 1,737-square-meter section of the Trump National Golf Club located in Bedminster, NJ.

“The request limited the use of the land to a 10-plot private cemetery for Donald Trump and members of his family. After determining that TFT Inc. had met all the requirements to obtain a certificate of authority to operate a cemetery business in New Jersey—including obtaining an approving resolution from the local land use authority—the Board granted the certificate of authority no. 434, on February 4, 2016.

“As a designated cemetery company, a burial at this location is permitted. The Board has not received any request later for a cemetery company in Bedminster”.

Newsweek You understand that any tax-exempt status resulting from the designation of a cemetery would apply only to the 1,737-square-meter parcel of land.

The question remains: is this a tax ploy?


It remains a mystery whether the choice of the burial place took into account the last wishes of the deceased. Newsweek could not find any past public statements by Ivana about those plans or requests. Newsweek He also couldn’t immediately find Ivana Trump’s estate contacts, but has reached out to the Trump family for comment.

However, the fact that she was buried in Bedminster doesn’t prove anything about Trump’s tax breaks. Evidently, based on site photos, very little has been done so far to develop the cemetery plot since 2016. That could change now, though the exact plans for the site are unclear.

In any case, the arguments about the tax exemptions They are, so far, just theories. Even if a tax exemption were available, the documents state that the cemetery company will be used “solely for the operation, preservation, and maintenance of the cemetery.”

Although this may mean that the escrow If Trump could invest more money in the cemetery and not have to pay taxes on it, there is no evidence to show that the money could be used for another purpose.


Furthermore, as previous reports suggested, developing a risk reduction scheme taxes of this type may simply be too elaborate and cumbersome, especially since it appears that Trump is already paying low property taxes.

In 2017, Washington Post reported that after Trump persuaded the municipality to declare the property a farm (because some trees on the site had been turned into mulch), he was able to access farmer tax benefits, which allowed him to pay just $16.31 a year in farm taxes. land.

So while the documents shared on social networks are an interesting topic of conversation, particularly considering Donald Trump’s tax record, there is not enough evidence to conclude that the purpose of using the cemetery plot in Bedminster was tax-exempt.

Newsweek has contacted Donald Trump and the New Jersey Treasury Department for comment. there was not response at the time of this publication. N

(Published in cooperation with Newsweek. Published in cooperation with Newsweek).

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