Trump plays golf with assistants, but without golf clubs, and is compared to “gangsters” and ‘Ocean’s Eleven’

Donald Trump was spotted on the greens of his Virginia golf course on Monday, sparking widespread speculation due in large part to recent events.Th

Donald Trump was spotted on the greens of his Virginia golf course on Monday, sparking widespread speculation due in large part to recent events.

The former chairman was caught on camera touring the grounds of Sterling’s estate alongside several men, including Brad Enie, his grounds manager for the club. It wasn’t immediately clear, but the footage seemed to indicate that Trump was inspecting or giving a tour of his club’s golf course with figures from the Trump Organization.

“Working today at @TrumpWashingtonDC on the Potomac River. What an amazing place!” she wrote on Truth Social.

Donald Trump speaks to his aides and advisers at the Trump National Golf Club in Sterling, Virginia


However, that wasn’t enough of an explanation for the folks at Twitter, who began a frenzy of speculation early Monday morning after it was first announced that Trump would be flying to the DC area.

The trip to DC, of ​​course, came at a time when Trump is believed to be the subject of two separate criminal investigations: one into the potentially unlawful retention of classified materials at Mar-a-Lago and another into the events of March 6. January.

Although the first investigation dominated headlines thanks to an unprecedented FBI raid at Mar-a-Lago on August 8, the second has also moved forward in recent days, taking yet another step forward on Monday with subpoenas they were issued to dozens of top Trump associates.

Trump and his son Eric photographed while leading a convoy of golf carts


Thus, Twitter users joked, or seriously insisted, in some cases, that the Sterling golf course meeting was actually a secret rendezvous between Trump and his lawyers, or even had a more sinister explanation. Some suggested that the president was trying to escape the prying eyes of the Justice Department, a confusing hypothesis that didn’t seem to explain why he would need or decide to hold such a meeting in the DC area, given his other properties throughout and width of the east coast of the country.

“That’s a private meeting, not a golf game, in rainy Sterling, VA today,” one suspicious social media user tweeted. “Who is with him and why are there no golf clubs?”

“So Donnie Soprano and the guys got together at the Banda Bing golf club to fix some. . . problems,” joked Glenn Kirschner, legal analyst for MSNBC.

Another Twitter user added: “[e]This smacks of wanting to have a conversation where they feel confident the feds aren’t listening.”

Even Trump’s former lawyer and “fixer” Michael Cohen got in on the action.

“Many ask me why Mr. Mushroom Putter was at his DC golf course (which is actually in Virginia). He says to play golf. My sources say that he had a meeting with 2 lawyers in secret and did not trust being in his office. Please note there are no golf clubs in the cart!!!” the former attorney wrote.

The Duty to Warn account tweeted: “Trump was pictured today on his golf course, not playing golf. He continued without playing golf for the rest of the day. It’s like they’re conspiring. Like a movie Ocean’s Eleven”.

Trump and his allies insist that the set of investigations he now faces are merely politically motivated prosecution attempts, even as his Republican allies in Congress struggle to provide excuses for why documents classified as “top secret” would have been present in the United States. your Florida property without the consent of the government.