Try Golfzon, the best golf simulator in Mexico and Latam.

Tuesday, November 08, 2022 ANDhe Golfzon golf simulator it adapts to the tastes, needs and interests of the people. Histor

Tuesday, November 08, 2022

ANDhe it adapts to the tastes, needs and interests of the people.

Historically, golf has been considered an exclusive or even unattainable sport.

The fact that not everyone has the opportunity to visit a private sports club to play, or that they cannot visit the different golf courses around the world, directly affects the culture of this sport.

In countries like Mexico and many more of Latin Americait was not very common for people to get together to play Golf.

Situation that has changed drastically since Golfzon I arrive.

why play Golf it has never been so simple

Making the most of advances in technology without neglecting the sporting essence, the golf simulator Golfzon offers an accessible, fun and innovative way to play sports.

Get to know some of the main characteristics of golf simulators Golfzon:

  • They bring together more than 200 golf courses in a space of just 40m2.
  • Allows up to 6 people to play simultaneously.
  • You can customize the difficulty level to compete in a better way.
  • It has different game modes: 4 arcade and 6 tournament.
  • Its software and hardware offer a real and fun gaming experience.
  • Golf Digest recognized them for 5 consecutive years as the best premium simulators in the world (2016-2021).

Golfzon: creating community

golf simulators Golfzon They are not exclusive to fans of this sport.

It is also ideal for those who just want have fun with friends and family, or those seeking learn to play from scratchin a way fun and interactive.

Professional golfers use it to train before their most important competitions.

PRO instructorscertified nationally and internationally, take advantage of this incredible and high technology to make their training sessions more complete.

simulators Golfzon They arrived in our country in 2016, thanks to a commercial agreement signed with the Monterrey company .

Since then, Side Sports has become the only distributor in Mexico and Latin America of the best sports simulators that you will find in the market.