Tuchel and Conte pushed each other away; The 5 most notorious technical fights in world football

Despite the vibrant tie at two between the Chelsea and Tottenham on the Matchday 2 of the Premier League, the spotlights went with the coache

Despite the vibrant tie at two between the Chelsea and Tottenham on the Matchday 2 of the Premier League, the spotlights went with the coaches. So much Thomas Tuchel of the ‘Blues’ as Anthony Conte of the Spurs became whats protagonists of the party, not precisely because of his work within the teams.

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After the annotation that gave the momentary tie to the Tottenham, the Italian strategist faithful to his style went to celebrate effusively in front of the local bench. This situation did not go unnoticed by tuchel, who He faced him to claim the gesture. However, the situation did not stop there and at the end of the game when it seemed that both strategists were shaking hands respectfully, the strategist of the Chelsea claimed Conte again while he squeezed her hand, which triggered a new anger.

More ‘spicy’ fights between coaches

Antonio Conte vs Jose Mourinho

In 2017 the intersection between Chelsea and Manchester United had as great protagonists Anthony Conte and Jose Mourinho. This after the Italian strategist claimed a foul on one of his players and incidentally went with the Portuguese to make words in the middle of the game. It was until one of the whistlers He had to interfere for this to happen to adults.

Antonio Mohamed vs Jurgen Klopp

During the game of FIFA Club World Cup Come in Rayados and Liverpoolthe ‘Turkish Mohammed and Jurgen Klopp the spotlights were taken. While the strategist Monterey claimed to the assistant a foul on one of his players, the German interfered, which caused the Pampero coach it ‘turned on’ and they were made of wordseach in their respective technical areas.

Jose Mourinho vs Arsene Wenger

In 2020 during a confrontation between the Chelsea and Arsenal, Jose Mourinho and Arsene Wenger they did not miss the opportunity to claim. Well, before the meeting, the Lusitanian strategist, faithful to his style, began to ‘provoke’ the Frenchman after reminding him that ‘he had never beaten him’ then it was not necessary to comment on his book.

Roberto Mancini vs. Alex Ferguson

In 2012 the rivalry between Manchester United and Manchester City spread to the benches. During the meeting, Sir Alex Ferguson complains to Roberto Mancini that it was not necessary ‘Talk too much’ a situation that angered the Italian, who did not hesitate to respond.

Pep Guardiola vs Diego Simeone

During a confrontation between the Bayern Munich and Atletico Madrid in 2016, the ‘Cholo’ he couldn’t stand the whistler’s decision. Which generated annoyance and complaints. However, an element of the coaching staff of Guardiola interfered, so the claims of the pampero strategist were for said person, and consequently Pep had to intervene, which led to a cross between the two strategists.