TV comes at a good time

The sports of the fists from here, from the city, had everything throughout these years and today, according to my vision since I have participat

The sports of the fists from here, from the city, had everything throughout these years and today, according to my vision since I have participated in festivals of these characteristics covering the alternatives, this sport is going through a very good moment already that a lot of positive factors come together to make it so.

After the pandemic, the activity is like it was reactivated and with more force compared to what it had previously. It wasn’t bad, but something else was missing.

Today very good festivals were organized in various clubs in the city such as Ministerio, Sportivo Entre Ríos, Paracao, Peñarol and even Club Estudiantes, an entity that for the first time had a show hand in hand with this sport.

All the events were really successful due to the call and the level that was seen above the ring. There was no disappointment, on the contrary. The criticism was very good from all who attended, organizers, journalists, coaches, boxers, referees and the public, of course.

The amateurs, for example, used to be the support so that later the main course of the professionals arrives. And many times the combats were a fiasco. But today, those in the amateur field are at a great level, hungry for glory and are great entertainers of these nights in Paraná.

Professionals, for their part, also play their role throughout this story. Before, some of them, not all, went up to the ring with a lack of preparation that was evident or fought against the famous “package”, as they say in the environment. Nothing good could come of all this. Nowadays that doesn’t happen since the representatives from Paraná, at least the ones I know, leave life in the gym training, resting and eating in a way they didn’t before. In other words, they take boxing as a way of life, they do it consciously and that is then reflected above the ring where the fights end up being exciting, vibrant.

It’s simple, people respond, they go to the clubs in great numbers, because the sports level is good, captivating and exciting. And that is happening today at this great moment in boxing, which is also backed by a new breed of young promoters who know how to do things. Without going into proper names for fear of forgetting some of them, many are or were boxers so they know where the hand goes when it comes to capturing the public in a boxing evening.

And this Friday all the great work mentioned above by each organizing entity will be reflected in the festival that will take place at the Club Atlético Estudiantes. It’s like the icing on the cake.

In addition to a great card that includes amateur boxers from the city and the region, professionals Dimas Garateguy (Paraná), Débora La Gurisa Dionicius (Villaguay) and Rodrigo Ruiz (Tucumán), TyC Sports returns with its boxing de First and all that this implies. In other words, the provincial capital will once again have a live broadcast for the entire country after almost 10 years.

Let us remember that the last time that national television broadcast a festival from the capital of Entre Ríos was on September 27, 2013, also in Echagüe, where Marcos Maquinita Martínez and the Brazilian Adeilson Dos Santos faced each other. On that occasion, DirecTV Sports was the signal that was in charge of the transmission.

Surely this Friday the CAE will be a boxing party with great fights, a very good frame of spectators and again with the lights of the TV. Paraná is a showcase again and that makes me happy because I have people I love within the discipline. Hopefully this is still the way.