Two arrested in Benidorm for selling fake concert tickets throughout Spain

Agents of the National Police have broken up in benidorm to a criminal group that had been operating at the national level for at

Agents of the National Police have broken up in to a criminal group that had been operating at the national level for at least from 2021 by fraudulent sale of concert or festival through a well-known social network, as reported by the Provincial Police Station. The suspects received payments through instant payment applications in bank accounts in their name, using, in some cases to identify themselves, the identity documents of one of the victims who had been requested to formalize the sale. They are charged with crimes of fraud and usurpation of marital status. Through these scams, they were able to make a profit of approximately €28,265.13detecting almost fifty affected.

Dismantled a gang with false tickets

The agents of the 6th Group of Judicial Police of the National Police of the Benidorm Police Station, carried out a laborious investigation, which has culminated in the arrest of two of the three members of a criminal group that sold tickets for concerts or festivals in which, previously, they had verified that there were no tickets for sale. The alleged perpetrators had established a perfect framework where, through a well-known social network, they put tickets for sale for concerts or festivals of high public interest and whose tickets had already been sold outwhich, together with an attractive sale price, generated great interest for those people who had not been able to get a ticket.

They contacted them through official profiles of artists or events to, subsequently, open a private chat on the social network, where they were asked to pay through transfer applications to a bank account associated with a mobile phone, even, on some occasions, due to the fact that some entries were nominal, they were asked to send a photocopy of your identity document which, later, they used to identify themselves when they were asked for reliability or even to open telephone or bank lines to receive the transfers of the victims, thus presumably usurping their identities.

The fraudulent sale was offered for events held throughout the national geography, so the calculation of those affected transcends different Spanish locations.

Through the investigative steps, the agents were able to identify the three members of the network, being able to determine that among the different bank accounts opened in their name or one of the victims, they had received income of more than 28,000 euros, for the sale fraudulent of over 800 fictional entriesdetecting a total of 49 complaints from those affected distributed by the entire national geography, although it is presumed that there may be more affected who, due to the small amount of what was swindled, have not filed a complaint.

In this way, a special device was established for locating and detaining those under investigation, achieving arrest two of the main members of the networkwhen they made a bank refund in one of the entities where they had opened one of the accounts of the town of Benidorm, remaining to date pending the arrest of the third of them.

They judge the owner of a website for an alleged scam of 5 million with false entries

The two detainees, of Romanian and Spanish nationality, aged 21 and 23 respectively, one of them with a previous record, were placed at the disposal of the Court of Instruction of Duty of the same localitycontinuing the efforts to locate and arrest the third of those involved, of Spanish nationality and 23 years of age.