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UFC 276: Israel Adesanya makes a pike start in honor of The Undertaker and goes viral

The WWE has been characterized throughout its history by the pica exits of its fighters to the ring, so they have had an impact on different sports, such is the case of the UFC where this Saturday the fighter Israel Adesanya came out to the ring imitating the mythical The Undertaker.

Prior to his fight the fighter of the UFC made this grand exit to get the crowd in the stands and outside of it they would be excited, because I also managed to make it go viral on social networks.

The fighter commented on the reasons why he made this exit: “That came to me last Tuesday. During my training sessions with my team, I usually play the theme song for the WWE’s ‘Attitude Era’. So this made sense to me. All of the UFC production helped bring my vision to life.”

“I wanted to get into his mind. Jared is a tough opponent, a zombie you can’t kill. Interestingly, Vince McMahon and WWE’s Triple H were in the front row.” finished

PHOTO: @stylebender

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