UFC fighter challenges Rafael Nadal to a fight in the octagon

the hobby Mexico City / 11.07.2022 21:30:18 The Spanish tennis player, Rafael Nadal recently left Wimbledon

Mexico City / 11.07.2022 21:30:18

The Spanish tennis player, recently left Wimbledon due to an injury that did not allow him to continue in search of the title, however this was not a reason to prevent a from launching an unusual challenge.

This weekend, the UFC fighter, Rafa Fiziev, took the victory in the Las Vegas 58 event and when celebrating his victory, he gave some statements that captured the spotlight, as he challenged the Spanish tennis player Rafael Nadal to face each other in the octagon.

Fiziev defeated Brazilian Rafel dos Anjos in the fifth round in the APEX cage and maintains his goal of contending for the UFC lightweight title.

However, already speaking in front of the cameras, Fiziev pointed out that he had already made it clear that he was “the best Rafa” within the UFC, but now he would seek to do so throughout the sports world.

“Brother, thank you very much first. And now I want to say… Now we know who is the best Rafa in the UFC. We already know! Now I want to do a new challenge! Who is the best Rafa in sport? Rafael Nadal, come here, come here!Fizyev said.

Despite the uncertainty that these statements can generate, some fans showed their joy through social networks and asked that this be held at least as an exhibition.

Rafa Fiziev is a 29-year-old Kazakh UFC fighter; Of the 13 fights he has had, he has won 12, with 8 wins coming by way of knockout.