UFC’s Irene Aldana defeats Macy Chiasson with bicycle kick

The Mexican Irene Aldana impressed the fans of the UFC with her shocking bicycle kick with which she defeated Macy Chiasson. The impressive blow o

The Mexican impressed the fans of the with her shocking with which she defeated . The impressive blow occurred in the third round of the fight scheduled at 140 pounds.


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Irene was flat on her back on the canvas of the octagon, it seemed that Chiasson could submit her, but the Mexican used her feet as a last resort.

Aldana applied the bicycle kick and hit her rival in the liver, Macy immediately fell and could not recover from the blow, the referee ended the fight with victory in favor of the Mexican.

The public was not the only one who was impressed, also the narrator of the fight of the UFC exclaimed: “Straight to the liver, I have never seen something like this”.

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