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Unexpected: Formula 1 Sprint Races could disappear

The Formula 1 continues to move forward and introduce radical changes in its formats to attract new fans. In 2021 a new modality debuted: sprint races. The new format that seduced the followers of the category had a good reception and in 2022 the number of tests was going to go from three to six, although an unexpected setback appeared.

While the new authorities of the FIA They work to arrive in the best way to the tests stipulated by the calendar, an unexpected problem puts the sprint races at serious risk. In the last meetings of the team managers and the FIA ​​there was no agreement regarding the economic prizes of the sprint races and this could cancel them.

The biggest teams in the paddock (ferrari, Red Bull and Mercedes) want the budget ceiling for the year to be higher, as sprint races make expenses much higher. However, other teams want to agree with these three brands a general amount to receive prizes to cover the budget.

Also, the points awarded in the races (3 to 1st, 2 to 2nd and 1 to 3rd) do not seem enough for the FIA. To look for more spectacle, the leaders of the entity want to increase the points awarded. In this way, it is sought that the pilots not only worry about the starting position on Sunday.

According to the words of Zack Brown, head of the team McLaren, Ferrari, Mercedes and Red Bull want to receive more money with a clear objective: to increase the coffers and seek more budget for development. That is why he assured that his team will reject any modification and added that in case of not reaching an agreement, the sprint races can be canceled.

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