Union and fight – Trailer, release date and everything about the film

Omar Chaparro had a difficult year in the midst of the pa

Omar Chaparro had a difficult year in the midst of the pandemic, as he told the media. But his transformation as a professional boxer for the movie Union and fight (7th & Union) may mean that your career is about to get back on track.

7th & Union

Chaparro is the star of the cast and he is joined by Edy Gamen, Gregg Daniel and Erin Westbrook. Gamen, who takes on the role of his wife, is primarily known mostly from the Lifetime series Devious Maidscreated by Marc Cherry, the person in charge of Desperate wives.

On the part of the creative team, Oscar Orlando Torres is responsible for the script. Before writing this one, Torres was a supervisor and adviser within the story that gave rise to the film. No refunds by Eugenio Derbez. For his part, Anthony Nardolillo occupies the director’s chair.

Nardolillo directed the film in 2017 shine which tells the story of two Puerto Rican brothers who dance salsa until life separates them.

What is Union and Fight about?

Union and fight is the story of a former Mexican boxer named Raymundo who must make certain decisions for the well-being of his family. Raymundo has a wife and daughter he must support, so to win a fight he must make an unlikely match with a hostile person.

Union and fight was filmed during the pandemic and is produced by a new independent studio called Broken English Prods. This was born as a response to the shortage of diverse voices in Hollywood, in front of and behind the camera.

Broken English Prods was released in June (via) and Omar Chaparro’s film as a boxer will be the first of several productions that have already been agreed with diverse Latino talent in Anglo-Saxon territory. Film financing company Grandave Capital will invest $20 million in two or four Latino projects with budgets of up to $5 million.

7th & Union

“We are proud to launch Broken English Prods with such a strong and commercial cast,” said company director Christopher Holly. Along with the vision of [el director] Anthony Nardolillo, ‘Unión and Lucha’ will be just the beginning of our investment in the pool of Latino talent and projects.”

Omar Chaparro will also participate in the action tape black out alongside Josh Duhamel, Abbie Cornish and Nick Nolte. The story is about a man who, without really knowing why, wakes up in a hospital located in Mexico City in the middle of a cartel war over territories and issues that the main character will eventually understand with the help of Cornish’s character.

Union and fight It will arrive on Amazon Prime Video on June 23, 2022.

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