Unsportsmanlike? A boxer knocked out his opponent just after the gloves collided

During the last weekend one of the most striking knockouts of recent times took place during

During the last weekend one of the most striking knockouts of recent times took place during a fight in California. Rubén Torres collided with his opponent’s gloves, and immediately afterwards, he put a pineapple in him that left him on the floor. Unsportsmanlike conduct or strategy?

During the seventh round, the Venezuelan Cristián Báez fell on the canvas due to a trip, for which the judge stopped the fight for a few moments so that he could get up. At that moment, the American reached out and raised his left fist to bump into gloves, something that is usually habitual, for example, at the beginning of each combat.

Rubén Torres collided his gloves with Cristian Báez, and immediately afterwards, he put a right hand to his neck that collapsed him completely paralyzed.

What Báez did not expect was that it was a strategy: Torres immediately took out a lethal right hand to the neck of his rival, who collapsed on his back on the ring completely paralyzed. He even had to be treated by doctors to the fright of the referee himself, who took his pulse to check his vital signs.

When speaking with the media, the winner was satisfied with his performance: “This is boxing and fighters like me are always on the attack. The referee gave the signal to start fighting again and I came out with the ‘weapons’ lit, especially after I took him down. I hit him with a left hook and that was it, the fight was over.” “They always say to protect yourself at all times,” he added.

The video of the outcome of the fight went viral in the last hours and opened a debate about the attitude of the boxer who ended up victorious. By regulation, there is nothing to say. Nevertheless, Some users on social networks angrily stated that this type of action should not be allowed. On the contrary, others defended Torres and accused Báez of losing his concentration.