Unusual! Famous ex-soccer player will venture into boxing after his retirement

If you are a football fan, the name Dirk Kuyt is probably familiar to you. Maybe at first you don't associate it with anything or maybe you do, bu

If you are a football fan, the name is probably familiar to you. Maybe at first you don’t associate it with anything or maybe you do, but once they tell you the Netherlands, , the UEFA Champions League and the FIFA World Cup, the memories invade your memory.

This skillful winger who could also play as an attacking midfielder began his career at Quick Boys in his country, then went to Utrecht and finally to Feyenoord in Rotterdam, a team in which he stood out until being signed by English Liverpool in 2006.

Once the transfer was made, his name became popular. As the top scorer in the Dutch Eredivisie in 2005, the blond boy came to the Reds with the figurehead tag and he did not disappoint. A runner-up finish in the 2007 Champions League would be his first major achievement with Anfield Road (in that final against Milan he scored a goal). He would later win a League Cup, in 2012.

With his national team, he played in the 2006, 2010 and 2014 World Cups, being runner-up and third place in the last 2, respectively. There were 24 goals that he scored in 104 games dressed in orange.

In 2018 he hung up his boots with Quick Boys, the club that saw him born as a footballer. There he finished his adventure in football, but it seems that not in sports.

will put on the gloves

Dirk Kuyt has been active in the years since his retirement and, in fact, wants to be a professional athlete again. However, it seems that he doesn’t like kicking the ball, so he prefers to switch to the world of fists.

According to the media AD, the former midfielder will fight in an event called Hit it, which will be held in his country, specifically in Rotterdam. The show comes from the hand of renowned kick boxer Rico Verhoeven, world heavyweight champion of the Glory company.

On his debut in the ring, Kuyt had this to say:

“As a former soccer player, I know what it’s like to be in a stadium. It’s been about four years since I stopped playing soccer. And of course I miss that tension and that fight to win a match. I’ve played quite a few other sports like tennis, padel and fitness. But getting in a ring is new for me. So I would love to enter that battle against another celebrity. From now on I will train hard.”